It takes a lot of courage and strength of character to truly listen, understand, and help our nation thrive.  Every citizen needs their optimism met with real help and understanding.  Sometimes we are all overloaded, but this is America, we can count on each other to help all of us find more hope and a lighter load.  We all need a real chance to compete and grow.  Our Democratic mascot actually represents all of us working together, and the load on each of us is less when all of us become involved by voting and volunteering.  Here the intent is to educate not preach, and invite everyone to meet  join the hardworking Democratic Party in real time, at meetings around our great nation. We hope that all of us will come to see that Americans have far more in common than they have differences.  We hope many of us will like our big tent Party.  There’s plenty of room for those who want to join, and perhaps we will start a new kind of competition: the competition to listen better to all of us and not just some.

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