Wonderful Wonderful Wendy and Friends

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Lion's Head

Wendy and friends are growing in number, why not? Women have the power of intelligent, practical, down to earth, joy.

You really got to watch these progressive women, they have the power of fun, and this sort of thing could catch on.

Look out Republicans, you can go on hating women, but men, real men, will eventually go following women, especially the fun ones.

Say, did I hear you had another great idea about women, is that what I am hearing from you Republican guys? Thinking of bringing back chastity belts?

Oh please, yes, do bring that up in 2014, Wendy would like to be governor. Go Wendy and friends!

Real Texas cowgirls don’t just want to have fun though, they also step on rattle snakes trying to mess with their rights…

Time to climb out of your juvenile tree house with “boys only” on the door, and grow up, y’all Republican guys! Oh, and say, listen up Tea Partiers! Ellen and her friends can show you where the REAL party is!

I’ll give you some clues: Wendy belongs to it, and more and more men are joining it.

Why? I think it’s because some Republicans don’t like that new sign that I mentioned earlier. You remember that sign right? From childhood? The one now hanging on their Party Door, the one that says “boys only”.

Real men, straight, or even gay, like girls, and still love their moms, and they know even their granny or “me maw” can still give them a “hiding” at the polls.

Time to grow up and join the real Party, if you haven’t already, and you know where that Party is, it’s where most of the women are, the Party that loves EVERYBODY, oh yeah…

Go ladies! Go cowgirls in Texas!

Pack up the babies, and grab the lovers of ladies, and everyone go.

Go Wendy Davis!

We’re ready for the SHOW!

Rev David Mitchel Stow