Women, Flags, Hearts, Love, and Equal Pay

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Lion's Head

Lift your eyes, lift your voices, let freedom ring for all.

When I lift my eyes to see our flag, when I hold my hand over my heart feeling the preciousness and promise of our nation, the tears in my eyes should be mostly from pride and gratitude.

But now, some would claim to be true patriots while holding the greatest government in the world in disdain, some would return us to days of shame, ignorance, prejudice, fears of one another, and hate.

These few have all but taken over one of our political Parties, here in the USA, a land that lives or dies with the promise that everyone, everyone, can have a chance to contribute with pride to a nation we can be proud of, and a land where real freedom, and not license, is understood to be the freedom not only to succeed, but to compassionately enable others to do the same.

So many here work hard, courageous people who left home and hearth, just to help feed their families at home, and believing in the greatness of our Nation, often more than some of it’s citizens. These folks aren’t statistics, these are families working hard beside you and loving America more than some can imagine.

It’s time for compassionate immigration reform, it’s time to march in the streets, it’s time to have sanity and understanding heard in all the sacred halls of our land.

And now let us address another great injustice of our time: the unfair lowering of the value of love and commitment, and the outrageous devaluing of women on the job.

It’s time to march for equal pay for women, for the right to love who you love, and it’s time, it’s time,

to support Wendy Davis´╗┐ for governor, and Leticia Van De Putte for Lieutenant Governor.

Again I see the flag of our nation waving in the breeze, I see eyes again lifted up, I see palms over hearts and hands in honoring salute.

When we hold our hands over our hearts, let us remember who breathed for us when we could not, who saw for us before we could see, who carried us, often in discomfort, but always in love, for a mere three months shy of a year.

How dare anyone begin to think of those who carry life and hold humanity’s future literally near their hearts, as unworthy of equal pay when they work beside the rest of us, even doing the very same job?

We can all help in this fight.

Help to turn out the vote for those who stand up for women, not just in this state, and yes, not just in this great nation of the United States of America, but in all this world.

Here in Texas a fight is brewing for to give dignity and fair pay to women, Wendy and Leticia will help this cause greatly.

When next we see our flag, or flags, let us remember that without women there would be no one to salute them, no one to stand up for the good they stand for, and none to carry on the promise of the human race.

See through your tears as they sing an anthem, remember your moms, remember your sisters, remember your wives, and stand with them in your heart, and remember them when you vote.

Now is the time, now is the chance to lift up your nation, your state, your world. The light you light must begin at home. Will Texas listen? Will the United States of America listen? Will the world listen?

Let there be a voice, and not just a shot, heard round the world. Let that voice begin to begin to rumble out loud and proud, let that voice be yours.


David “Mitch” Sotelo