Why Bernie Sanders?

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

Why Bernie Sanders? Well, because he has been consistently right on all the issues without caving in to popular opinion or political expediency, and because he isn’t rich enough to fund his own campaign thus needed others to help him, and because he only accepts the “others” he needs help from who are individuals who he wishes to represent: the middle class and the poor who are the ones who are supposed to run our democracy.

Why Bernie Sanders? Because he can handle himself intelligently in a debate without the need for name calling or negative speech about his opponents, and because he is genuine and sincere in his composure and truthful and fair in his message.

Why Bernie Sanders? Because he not only has the fire in his heart from honest conviction, compassion and virtue, but the ability to ignite that same fire in others.

Bernie Sanders draws crowds not because he is a curiosity but because he speaks to the real issues of our day, the things that not only are best for America today, but for all those little Americans that will be our future, and for little ones to come.

When we consider Bernie Sander’s clear message concerning having a fair wage and not a “minimum wage”, his opposition to a few rich individuals being the voice of us all, we can begin to see why. Then when we consider his clear eyed view of a better America needing to invest in it’s kids without placing burdensome loans on them just to get an education which helps all Americans we are hard put not to see him towering over all his opponents currently running for the Presidency. We need also to consider his understanding that having any of our kids suffer from hunger while in school trying to learn is a shameful thing for the richest nation in the world to allow.

His heart in seeing that the American dream is best built by everyone being healthy without going bankrupt in the process, is just common sense, because a strong America is a healthy America.

Finally in considering whether or not to support Bernie Sanders, we have to explore not just the plain truth of what he says, but the heart with which he says it, and the fact that he has always said the truth, even when it was not popular. Time has caught up with Bernie Sander’s visions for America, Bernie didn’t need to evolve, he was standing up for the truth, and time has proven him correct. That my friends is a real leader, not someone evolving but someone who leads the evolution.

Considering everything that Bernie Sanders stands for, the question is not whether or not the pundits think he can win, but whether we can live with ourselves if we don’t stand up in his cause for justice and promise for all Americans.

Feel the Berne

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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