Whispers of Freedom: The Power of the People Over Greed

Lion's Head

We are fast becoming the United States of Greed, and even those saying they follow Jesus, who taught that this was the root of all evil, think this is a virtuous move.

What can we do with a voting process that is increasingly bought?

We can spread the word like wildfire: spread the message that we should vote for the Democrats who stand against this sale of our country to the few and the powerful.

Whisper in one ear, to whisper in another, until the whisper becomes the sound of a roaring wind, a wind of freedom that will blow away this corruption, that will clear the political air we breathe, and the fog of lies that some have dared to ingloriously drape with our American flag, a flag that waves proudly only in hearts who love and cherish their freedom and their right to vote.

Stand up and don’t sit down, stand up and cry out loud, you are America, all of you who live and work in America, a land founded on equality and freedom, that rises to a new dawn of greater virtue every time you vote. Yes freedom and virtue rises with just you, with just your one vote, your one cry for freedom.

You can make a difference, you can begin a change toward a better world, today is that day, today and not just the time when you decide to vote, today when you share your love of real freedom with all your friends.

Even your whisper in the deadening silence of hearts enslaved will find another whisper from another and another friend of freedom.

Evil can strike a match and burn down a whole forest and lap flames around your home. Evil can bring matches to burn down our a government of the people and fan it with ads and FOX news and the inactivity of your neighbor that you never helped to vote.

Don’t despair, be there, tell all your friends to be there when evil tries to strike a match to destroy our government of the people. Be there, and bring a Democratic fire extinguisher.

Remember these words heard round the world, that inspired villages and nations, the enslaved and the down trodden: “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” These words should not be said in vain, these words should not be yesterday’s bumper sticker, these words should live in your heart and breathe in your quiet whispers with friends, and in your love of the right to vote.

Now is the time for heroes, and heroines, for those with just the courage to vote, with just the courage to tell another, with just the courage to stand up for women, for our newest immigrants, for those who would only ask to love those who they would choose to share their lives with, for those, who even with a trembling bravery, say “I love America, and I love freedom, and I will vote.”

America it’s time for each of us to rise and be counted, and for those who cannot stand to stand up in their own hearts, a time for everyone to vote.

Today I also say to my fellow Texans: Stand with Wendy, stand with women’s rights, stand up for your mother, your sister, your wife, your lover, and whisper freedom and fairness into the hearts all around you.

Today to all of America and to those who fight corruption in our sister country Canada, to Mexico, to all of North and South America, and to the world I say “Believe in yourselves, believe in your neighbor, stand up for everyone, stand up for freedom and fairness….

Believe in each other, stand up for freedom, stand up for the fairness without which all virtue and freedom become lost.

Let’s whisper when we can, and vote when we can, until we the people have done all that we can, until “we can” grows and lives in the hearts of all.


Brother David “Mitch” Sotelo