What is wrong with Conservative Christianity?

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

What is wrong with how conservative Christianity has interpreted Christ’s words is the implantation of the idea that imperfection is evil, and that punishment needs to be inflicted on a victim.

Why not see that it was God’s empathy with all of creation that He (or She?) would share all our feelings in a world of survival and struggle and show us the beauty we already had waiting in our hearts to be revealed?

The message of Christianity to those with music and depth in their connections is, was, and always has been love and the amazing beauty of how love and trust growing together can lift a soul and bless an entire world.

There is a poison in conservative religion that conservative Christianity also has embraced. It’s not about punishment, it’s about healing grace.

We can lift the world with grace, we can know love in the embrace of tolerance understanding and integration of the appreciation of the beauty in every soul, in every faith, in all nations and lands.

When we cry out for vengeance, when we say anyone is beyond the blessing of grace and redemption, we condemn ourselves and our world to a darkness that knows no beauty no glory where hope knows no sunrise, and hearts grow cold.

We can rise to embrace a better world, rise together with a wonder, a love, a joy that takes our breath away.

We can pass through our darkest hours with a love that unites everyone in a love for humanity and our world, a treasuring of children everywhere, that embraces the lowest and the most lost, that will not permit evil to own anyone, any land, or to destroy any uplifting hope.

We can live in that hope of kindness that treasures life and puts an end to greed and war, we can rise to heights that allow us to see the beauty in every heart.

Let’s begin this journey today. We have nothing to lose but our emptiness, nothing to fear but hate. Though the nights may seem long and dark and the hate in hearts irrepressible, though we feel we may think we never again see the glories of human triumph in history rise to meet a new world of strife, we can let the memories of brave love stir into a fire that brings the morn of a new day.

When we begin to rise we will see all our brothers and sisters rising in the skies of hope to dance with us, dance into a new and better world, and the song we sing together in those skies will make the angels cry with joy.

Let’s begin a new world,the light of it’s dawning is already shining in our hearts.

Rev David “Mitch” Sotelo
(One of the founders of the free thought Inner-Communion Church)