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Answering back to darkness requires we relive its helplessness and find empowerment. Destiny sings to us it is the light that lights other lights.

Virtues that are progressive can heal our world. Real virtues are progressive. They are the gift of someone with insight into themselves and society, someone who can think creatively, objectively, and with empathy that is altruistic. Such insight, born of such abilities is the root of all virtue and the definition of anyone truly about human progress, and human progress must be the core definition of what is a progressive.

We are all progressive to some degree, so striving together to increase these abilities is the mark of a someone worthy of the title. These abilities are the foundation of real or progressive virtue.

Progressives are about real progress, they are not about punishment or greed, they are supporters of help and emotional healing. They support real and effective communication that supports the progressive virtues that evolve from creativity, objectivity, and empathy, which are respectively: Art, Truth, and Goodness. These are progressive virtues.

Progressives challenge their own beliefs, they no more follow belief without doubt as a copilot, than a sane person would drive a car with a gas pedal and no brakes.

What blocks our progressive virtues and abilities? The answer is damaged faith in love. This damaged faith comes from conditioned helplessness attached to needs and feelings.

What causes such damage? The answer is trauma and deprivation. Trauma and deprivation cause a sense of helplessness. This sense of helplessness attached to the needs and feelings Causes what I call “pained need”. Pained need derives from the life threatening anxiety caused by the associated helplessness.

What happens when we are damaged in this way, as all are to some degree? The needs and feelings create such threatening anxiety that they are turned into symbols that can be struggled after, thus alleviating the message of helplessness (which can endanger survival seriously).

What cures this damage? Reliving the helpless conditions and unlearning the helplessness. This must be done though with a conscious awareness, that in the present, you are OK.

What is the proper gradual and safe approach to this unlearning? Janovian Primal Therapy.

What helps short of full access to this therapy? Gradual increase in the progressive abilities of thought that challenge the false comforts stemming from such damage. This damage could be called “pained need” or “primal pain”. The awareness of this might be called “primally enlightened”. Information concerning such issues as well as the facts concerning Janovian Primal Therapy can be found here: PrimalTherapy.
Arthur Janov, France Janov, Bruce Wilson,and Peter G. Prontzos are good sources of information concerning all of this. Primal Therapy is Art and France Janov’s website. The Primal Mind is the brilliant commentary on the concepts evolving from the great work of Arthur and France Janov’s work by Peter G. Prontzos and Bruce Wilson.

These things are more than just what should be “common sense”. They are a paradigm shift in how we approach human society and mental/emotional and social health.

What is also important to understand is that this shift involves epigenetics and the methylation of dna cells which affect the progress of disease including cancer.

Step into a new age. Be brave and turn away from greed, superstition, and the need to punish. Turn toward real progress.

How? Well, in the United States, feel the Democratic Blue, and in the primaries Feel the Bern and vote for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primaries a man that has always stood for progress, who marched with Martin Luther King in 1963, who was for progressive action in all its forms whether in domestic or foreign policy, from the very beginning.

Feel the Blue, Feel the Bern.

Think and be free…

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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