The Value of a Grandma

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

In Loving Thankful Memory of Two Women I Called “Grandma”

When my parents joined a very extreme religion where almost nobody was certain of “salvation” except their group, the same pattern was witnessed. My mother’s mom rolled her eyes when they weren’t looking (but I was). My father’s mom let him speak to her for long time, then asked one simple question, and when he said “Well no.”, she flatly stated her disinterest. He was crest fallen. They had both thought they could bring in my two grandmothers “into the fold”. They didn’t impress my grandfathers either. Unfortunately I was still at home, just another typical kid, to be thoroughly brain washed.

I was also amazed at how my mother and her brother didn’t have a clue about how savvy my mother’s mother was. Once she was gazing into the heavens and I looked up also and gave the typical religious response “Gee Grandma, isn’t it wonderful all that God made!?”, her thoughtful wily eyes stared into the stars as if she was deep in thought, scrutinizing what she saw, and she said “I don’t know about that.” I said “Grandma you believe in God don’t you?” She said simply, “I don’t know.” in a way that showed she clearly doubted the whole concept. My mom and my uncle always thought until the day they died that Grandma Brooksie, who I unfortunately came to call Boobie as a child, was a firm Christian believer in God. I never told them…

Dear Grandma Bertha, thanks for making me pay attention to good sense. Dear Boobie, thanks for keeping my options open.

Grandma Bertha and Grandma Brooksie, you were truly two progressive gals. 😉

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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