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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

Trump is turning off even many Republicans, and even lady’s in laundromats listening and reacting to the typical wild and crazy assertions of Trump on television.

I met a young lady and her teen age daughter while doing laundry and Trump was being interviewed on the television there. They had this blank look in their eyes seeming to barely cover a pompous angry disoriented look. I said to myself, “Whatever you do don’t try to communicate with either of these two, don’t even say “hello”.

Trump was ranting away almost incoherently trying to defend his idea to not let in any “Muslims” into the country “until we know what is going on”. Trump cited what Roosevelt did during World War II. His interviewer asked questions that showed the foolishness of his idea and he talked over his interviewer growing more and more loud talking faster and faster saying basically the same things without answering the questions.

The young girl and the mother were looking at Trump in shock. The daughter walked by with a smirk on her face as her mother was obviously saying things about Trump that were unflattering.

Finally Trump became so bizarre that I just broke out with a laugh. The mother seemingly in shock proclaimed “He’s stupid!” I thought I had an opening.

I brought up the bizarre statements of our own Governor Abbot about Obama trying to become the dictator of Texas and citing the normal military maneuvers that other Presidents had done many times as evidence. She gave no response and kept staring almost in disbelief at Trump.

I mentioned the Republican vote to keep allowing even people not allowed to board our planes to buy guns. She says to me, “I BELIEVE in guns, so don’t talk to me about it.” I explained that it wasn’t about guns that it was about proper screening so that crazy people couldn’t get them. Then I said that my sister Nena Pulsifer has a concealed hand gun permit but that she wasn’t insane or dangerous, and that I wasn’t arguing about this, just saying we need gun purchasers to be screened and trained.

Then the lady says, after obviously not getting the point: “I won’t discuss with a stranger a hot button topic like this.” To which I quipped with a bemused grin saying: “Obviously neither of us are going to shoot the other, correct?” That pathetic blank stare and barely restrained anger and fear were still plainly written all over her face, so I went about my business ignoring her.

I started thinking to myself: “Why don’t you pay attention to what was plain to you in the first place?” and said to myself: “Note to self: people with that kind of “pained need” aren’t able to hear anything that threatens their irrational self comforting concepts.”

Then I thought to myself “What a lost world where people are so ignorant of this common emotional state in society that they try to call it ‘cognitive dissonance’ as if it were a trick of the mind without anything lying beneath it.”

I thought while folding clothes how my own “pained need” drove me to try to convince people of plain facts that I knew they weren’t capable of understanding, and how “dumb” and neurotic that was, and then I had one of my low level epiphanies. “Eureka!” I said to myself: “I was doing what many of my Democratic friends tried to do ‘convince people out of their pain based false comforting errors in judgement’.

Then my realization became complete and laughing at myself I thought:

“Well darn, it’s not just the Republicans, I am a big dumb idiot too.”

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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