The Trouble With Authority Lovers

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

Loving those in authority and those who love to be authorities is comfortable easy place to be, and terrible place for humanity to live.

The trouble with those who like to be authorities, is that they hold on to controls that keep others from succeeding. The trouble with their followers is that they don’t believe in their own dreams and gifts. The worst problem with both of these situations is that they have found their comfort zone, and those that would wake them up are seen as insensitive trouble makers. All of those loving comfort over progress like to smile, those that crave to be authorities love to seek sympathy and feign humility and humble beginnings, and while killing the efforts of others to contribute in their own way, they seek to proclaim their losses and miseries so as to receive sympathy.
Once I worked at an oppressive “box factory” where the rich owner showed up in an old beat up truck and the union leader was his best friend, and conditions were dangerous. All the workers “loved” them both, and only whispered about the man who lost most of his fingers due to an unlawful lack of safe equipment, this humble hard working man was promised “a job for life” if he didn’t sue. He did not sue, and ended up demoted from his job because of his injury, he was placed tossing lumber in the back, and when the time limit had passed for him to sue…. They fired him.
Hierarchies and authoritarian controls by self promoters, hiding their harm with facades, are everywhere. Those who blindly follow them, are like those in that factory. The only sign of their protests are heard in quiet whispers.
I have one thing to say to those in their comfort zones who let others limit themselves, and it was said long ago “Agitate, agitate, agitate, agitate…” Frederick Douglas
David “Mitch” Sotelo

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