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Lion's Head


Together is the word we grow on, together is the reality that we see that sets us free to conquer.

Love is what we realize when we work together. What the world needs now is love. Yet, love should be be efficient and effective. Together, we realize that all we need is intelligent love, and we have to work on this together.

Competition can be good but only in order to come back together with healing and to make a stronger whole. This is what is missing in the Republican Party for whom the word “together” and “sharing” has come to mean “theft.

Enough already, Jesus taught love, smart people teach love, and scientific perspectives see it as the efficient meeting of needs, all needs both social and individual. Ethicists see it as a connection to those things which under gird our virtues, while those of a spiritual or religious mind see it as a connection to a universal ideal which some call God. Atheists see the ideal concept but leave the rest to wonder.

We are one human family connected inseparably, universally, and our egos are only the shadows of what sustains us, and that sustenance is love, and love means working together, with a place for everyone, and opportunity for all.

Come on my fellow hippies we used to sing about this. Now that some have won so much from the hard work of those who have lost, it is time to share the winnings with those who worked hard and were only blessed with poverty. It’s time we thought of all humanity as a family we all need and belong to, a family that if treated well will bless us all and make us all winners.


Brother David “Mitch” Sotelo

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