Thoughts Inspired by Democratic Friends

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

Thoughts Inspired by Democratic Friends

Democrats can change any state from Red to Blue, if only they believe in the goodness of their hearts and voice their dream of an America for all Americans.
Democrats long for a place where freedom to rise is more than just a slogan in a campaign speech. They long for a freedom that is a reality for all, in a land where hard work is rewarded and not exploited to feed the greed of a few.

Democrats would never send children to school hungry because their parents are poorly paid, nor would they keep education for the few, and steal the rightful rewards from workers who prize their work and seek to excel, not just for themselves but for everyone, and for the country they love.

Democrats love freedom and they have the courage to speak with its voice, with a message of hope for everyone, with a love of dreams that do not steal from the dreams and hopes of others, but enrich the lives of all.
Arise Democrats, you stand tall in your hearts and don’t weary of bringing light to the eyes and hopes of every man, woman and child in America. You have the power to elect a government that shares your untiring love, a love that invests in all that makes America great.

Realize the power of who you are, make 2016 a cry of justice and promise and hope heard round the world.
Freedom belongs to those with the courage to use it, to speak with its voice, to lift hopes with its power.

Your voice is your vote. Your vote is the voice of your freedom. Your freedom exercised is the foundation of democracy, and democracy is the hope of the world.
Be that voice of freedom.

Democrats you can win, because your hearts are already winners.
Just be yourselves, vote the voice of your hearts, and even the walls of impossible odds, will come tumbling down.

David “Mitch” Sotelo
(These sentiments were what came to me at a meeting of Democratic Precinct Chairs while listening to the inspiring presentations, and hearing about and remembering, the brave efforts of Mike Rawlins, Deborah Angell Smith, Vickie Parker, Hazel Weathers, David Smith, Barbara Walters, Neal Bert, Medrick Yhap, Michael Handley, Ellen Gresham, Barbara Korman and many more. To all of these I owe a great gratitude and my small ability to express it.)