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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

What is it that might be best called a progressive mind? The answer requires some deeper understandings than one might imagine at first glance. It is about mental health, communication within the mind, and what motivates toward real virtue.

An independent study of Primal Therapy has shown that Arthur Janov‚Äč of primal therapy fame is definitely on to something and we desperately need more research into his methodology and theoretical postulations. I have myself experienced some help from this therapy done by an unauthorized therapist and from the physiological changes I would have to say that, given my tendency to high blood pressure, my pressure would have been so high now that no hypertensive drugs could have saved me. BP has been known to drop 30 percent because of the therapy in patients with higher than average BP.

I view neurosis as a learned helplessness around basic needs and feelings in which such needs and feelings reached a trigger point where the anxiety and or panic associated became intolerable to the system and the anxiety was shut down by setting up symbolic struggles in which, according to the intensity of the impact, the degree of that symbolism and its generalization would be determined.

Unlearning such helplessness must be done slowly and cautiously from the lighter impacts to the more intense and the only way to unlearn it is to relive it with a sense of current secure consciousness. When this is not done there can be no rational consciousness in which to place the experience and harm can be done.

What would save most people from harm, who are the average everyday neurotics which most of us are, is that when a light random variegated approach is done the brain will put what is capable of being integrated first in line. This provides a greater degree of rational consciousness in which to tackle deeper issues.

PTSD is the brain’s attempt to heal by reliving the experience. The problem is that the normal ability of the brain to only allow what can be handled first is overwhelmed. This can be because of the experience itself, but likely it may also be because it is a trauma layered onto anxieties that were preexisting.

Neurosis is a communication disease in that the communication of real current needs and feelings with higher reflective abilities, that can help to meet them, are each blocked by an overwhelming past. It is an unconscious dishonesty with our real feeling selves, and a block to real caring and motivating connections to our mental abilities useful in meeting human needs (our own or anyone else’s).

These abilities are: creative, from which we get the virtue of Art (the ability to see options and thus the better more enjoyable view of life), objective, from which we get our virtues of Truth (teh rational appreciation and motivational connection to facts), and empathy, from which we derive Goodness (the ability to feel for ourselves, each other and society in motivational ways.

Minds desiring real progress in society might be called progressive minds, progressive minds would desire to be free from all limiting forms of helplessness around needs and feelings, and to be connected to and desiring of real creative, objective, and empathetic abilities.

I call the progressive movement a movement toward optimistic integration of real needs and feelings in a motivational way with creativity, objectivity, and empathy (Art. Truth, and Goodness). The result of the process of optimistic integration is optimistic intelligence: a motivational connection to higher reflective abilities and virtues.

A progressive mind is a healthy mind, and a mind that communicates well between honest authentic feeling and the very foundations of our human virtues.

The progressive movement is about mental health, effective caring communication, and the resultant motivation toward virtue. Otherwise it’s really much ado about nothing.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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