The Political Far Right: MENTALLY ILL?

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The far right, does it show signs of mental illness?

Sometimes a statement about the mental health of people may rub them the wrong way, but I feel I must speak out about things I have seen as general markers of mental problems I see in the group often called the “far right”.

A majority of people suffer from some form of mental illness. So I am completely aware that any such statements about any groups general mental health must have elements that could describe a wider group.

However, I have watched far right individuals, especially those currently holding office, and they become highly disturbed at anything given to the poor, they rant about this constantly. They even see them as a threat to their wealth so they are fearful of them.  They also spew hatred about them. I don’t harbor ill feelings toward the far right, but they are too mentally ill  in my opinion to be running the ship of state.

I am more than willing to be convinced that I am wrong, but I would need to see things that would contradict what is pretty obvious in every action and political speech of the far right that I have heard.

I will fight their efforts to occupy office at every turn, they are not like the Jesus they often claim to follow.

They are not like the founding fathers who sought to avoid tyranny in any form.

They are not like the Buddha who taught compassion and wisdom.

They are not like Moses who taught common sense virtues.

They are not like Muhammad who gave rights for women to inherit wealth (something that every other group extant at the time were against).

They are not like any who participated in the Tea Party uprising in Boston, who were actually acting against the tyranny of a large corporation that had far too much influence in British government.

They are not like the writers of the United States Constitution who felt free to make decisions based on the previous history and wisdom found all around the world.

They seem to be frightened, angry, greedy, envious, and cruel to those less economically fortunate than themselves. So it’s high time to call this a mental and emotional illness, and a condition that should bar anyone from occupying a place in government.

Yours Sincerely,
Brother David “Mitch” Sotelo

What is your opinion?

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