The Intelligence to Vote: How do we create it?

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

What are the reasons people don’t vote?

First of all they feel unempowered from how they were treated and taught as children, taught not to trust their own thoughts and feelings or their ability to deal with them themselves or to use their imaginations to see alternative views to those of authority, and treated with corporal punishment which reinforces that teaching with fear.

Secondly they have been locked into value systems that are dehumanizing in which the rich are given priorities in what should be shared essential human rights, such as education, health care, and feelings of self worth, and thus feel their vote is unimportant and not apt to accomplish much.

Thirdly political parties have empowered those seeking a hegemony of influence for themselves thus blocking new talents, limiting training in empowerment for those showing interest in being involved, and stifling the attempts to bring in more people by giving them a sense of empowerment, thus the political parties are controlled by those whom the economic system has blessed and those selfishly manipulating it, and and this makes many not trust either political parties or politics in general.

How do we get people to vote?

First of all we must begin by listening to those who don’t vote and seeing what they want and need and not what any political party might want or need, and secondly we need to teach people how to take back their right to imagine, think, care, and feel for themselves which is what I call optimistic integration, which yields optimistic intelligence, which is essentially the effective ability to love and feel loved.

Finally, in our attempts to accomplish these goals, we need to weed out those who seek a hegemony of power for themselves, and endorse and proclaim two new goals: the communication of love over the worship of power, and turning political parties from control mechanisms to educational empowerment vehicles for everyone, rich and poor alike.

Economics and understanding how it works isn’t being taught correctly, and the icing on the cake of getting people to vote would be to insure that they understand economics so as to vote in the most practical ways for the most able representatives. The correct understanding is that of Robert Reich which he portrays brilliantly in his film “Inequality for All”.

True progressives, those with optimistic intelligence, understand these things easily and must not let the reigns of influence and power rest in the hands of those seeking a personal hegemony of power rather than the empowerment of the people. Those that oppose progressives concepts such as those mentioned here, or whose behaviors evidence such, should be replaced in leadership positions.

Getting people to vote more will require progressives coming together and uniting in these efforts.

As an aside to understand where I am “coming from” let me add that my personal contribution to this effort is that I teach optimistic integration, but the first step to understanding this process is to understand what is now most popularly called emotional intelligence.

Allow me good readers to further comment on the depths of intelligence needed to change people into fully involved voters. Teaching people to think is education as we usually conceive of it, and we call the intelligence to grasp this education IQ, emotional intelligence we call E.Q., and optimistic intelligence I call O.Q.

Yet, There is a deeper and more impacting level of intelligence that I call helplessness intelligence or H.I. It is the ability to feel needs that we were helpless to achieve, integrate them into full consciousness, and turn them into real empowerment. The process for increasing this ability is best understood and implemented by Dr. Arthur Janov, in his modern Janovian Primal Therapy, and well presented in his latest book “Life Before Birth” that tells about this process in great depth, presenting modern neurological and biochemical understandings and how they relate. Let’s call the ability to achieve “H.I.” H.Q.

The levels of intelligence: IQ, EQ, OQ and HQ, represent deeper and deeper integrations of our brain and nervous system into our consciousness. The development of all of these is essential to a more involved society that votes and votes intelligently.

You don’t have to use the words I choose to say all that I understand, but allow me, if you will, to present other ways I have expressed all of this, and a deeper feeling of how I see things and who I see myself to be.

I have called this entire integration a form of yoga, because yoga is an attempt to achieve a higher consciousness and virtuous intent. Yoga is a linking to our higher virtues which derive from our abilities to best meet human and social needs, a linking to our abilities to think, imagine, empathize and trustingly feel.

The yogic mythology talks of four things that we feel as we become more conscious: A feeling of victory when we have understood these things, a feeling of eternity when we have empathy with all humanity and life, a feeling of knowledge when our thinking has become something we can trust, and a feeling of bliss when we have fully felt and loved ourselves. (The Sanskrit words for these feelings are Jaya, Sat, Chit, Ananda, according to a later interpretation of these terms in the Sanskrit records.) They are the roots of our virtues as motivations within us, and seen in the myth as a link to all that is greater than ourselves which many have called “God”.

I teach this form of yoga as a social and personal understanding and practice. I call the area of my expertise in this: optimistic integration. I am a devout progressive social democrat and an ordained minister of the Inner-Communion Church, and now ordained under the Universal Life Monastery,

I am “Brother” David “Mitch” Sotelo
(a political social and personal growth activist, and a spiritual yoga practitioner and instructor)

I am glad to make your acquaintance, You may contact me at and by phone at 972-802-6003

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