Thank You Bill Moyers! Your call has been heard!

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Thanks Bill Moyers!

For your great interview of Ian Haney Lopez!

Folks, to see it, click here.

This is what I have been saying for years now. The government, if we will vote and become involved, is us, corporations are not us, they are profit machines, not evil, but needing to be controlled. The control in a corporation is composed of those who own most of it, and folks, that is probably not you.

Government and unions can be your voice. Corporations, unless you win a very big lottery tomorrow, will not hear your voice without them. Don’t be like the comedian who said he would not belong to a club that would have him as a member, respect yourself, for if you don’t, no one else can do it for you.

All of these statements are why you should vote for progressives, why you must endure and reach out to the hearts of others, reach out so that those hearts will come to know who their friends are, reach out, until all the world comes to know that in reality they can and must be friends.

We are one world, and people are not our enemies, greed is our enemy, lacking the love of giving is our enemy, and failing to reach hearts with this truth is our enemy.

Stand with heart, stand up for others you never met, stand for virtue, stand together, and when we are a people united not by common greed but by common love we will bring down our heavenly aspirations to a world that sorely needs them, to children hungry around the world, to abused women and men and children, to disrespected workers whose light of hope is only a flicker in their eyes, to the next generation that is our hope and real treasure.

What I say is only the echo of what many people have done, a shadow of what many have thought about and reasoned about, it is only the window dressing that invites would be heroes to join together in all the small ways that make possible the large ways that we help and change our world. Without a door to enter the reality behind this display all of it, all of these words, are blown away into forgotten history.

The door into the reality of dreams is always just a single step, a single action toward a higher destiny, your higher destiny, not a step into aloneness, but a step into being alive and sharing, in a family that can bless you with its diversity and cure you forever of having low self esteem, a family that embraces all of humanity and not just some.

This is the Progressive family, this is your voice, this is your destiny, and this is your choice,to serve and grow, to heal and help, to know the joy of giving in a family that knows: Without love and sharing there is no life.

Brother David “Mitch” Sotelo

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