Texas United, Texas True Blue

Become the Light that is you.
When you’re in darkness, become the light that is you.

Texas True Blue

Now on the crest of hearts united,

Uplifted with the calls of heroes echoing around us from ancient and modern times,

Buoyed up by hope that cannot die because it must not die,

Opposing ignorance, fear, and lies that have deceived even some of our own,

We lift a light that is freedom, and march into the dawn of a new day in Texas,

A day when we will not let our votes be bought, a day that blesses with its warming rays the faces of all Texans and not just the privileged,

A new day for all those who have built this state without recognition, who have toiled overtime without reward,

A day for those who have struggled under wages unfair and unjust, who have had to fight for their rights just because they are women, just because they are elderly, they are poor, or just because of the shade of their skin.

We are Democrats who will no longer be silent in the face of ignorance, fear, hate, and injustice,

We welcome Republicans who have seen their Party fall into the hands of small minds,

We welcome Independents who know that freedom demands fairness,

We are the Texas Democratic Party,

We believe in Texas, we believe in our Nation,

And whoever you are,

We believe in YOU.

Collin Dems,
Texans true blue

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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