Texans Are Fighting Back!

4th of July Flag

To all those Texans out there fighting the good fight against voter suppression and new age Jim Crow laws, hurrah!

All of you out there have helped push legal action against voter ID laws , even if all you did was post concerning it.

So congratulations to great Texans everywhere who would not say “surrender” to those who would put a tax on every cowboy and cowgirl’s political horse.

By the way cowboy’s were of every racial back ground, did you know that? Also you can imagine all their cowgirl buddies and brides were as well.

Texas has always been a multi-racial diversified state, and they have always been brave when it came to their rights. so let us warn the politicians, these Republicans who have forgotten their element of proud heritage:

Texans are already seeing through the lies and saying, “Don’t tread on us, don’t tread on our health care rights, pushing the false ideas about Obama’s wonderful protections for all Americans, and more than anything else, don’t tread on our freedom of speech on the job, or our right to vote.”

“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” – Abraham Lincoln

You also can’t fool all of the Texans, because some of us still sleep with one eye open “watching our horses in the political races”, and watching those that try to buy them, and especially those that try to steal them.

Let’s say here and now that Texans have never taken too kindly to those that try to keep us out of a race by stealing our horses, or the track they run on.

And we don’t much like folks who think about doing such either…

Rev David Mitchel Stow