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Slave Labor

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Answering back to darkness requires we relive its helplessness and find empowerment. Destiny sings to us it is the light that lights other lights.
Voting is essential to being truly and deeply authentic in our caring for society and our children.
Vote, help conquer the darkness…
David “Mitch” Sotelo

“Slave? Who me?” Yes, as an employee and often as a voter or as a member of any minority, you often are. Greed actually makes a slave out of everyone, even the rich, for it is an addiction that cuts the full enjoyment of life.

Today we still hear a veiled desire to promote enslaving employees by using many “dog whistle” terms, terms that promote hate, bigotry, insensitivity and greed. Increasingly employees are referred to using terms that actually mean “slave labor”. We hear these terms against everyone with more pigment in their skin than another group. We hear see them used against workers in the signs that read “the customer is always right” (in any trade situation either trading partner can be wrong). We hear such terms used against women in the praise for “motherhood” without mentioning “fatherhood”, which is a thin cover for “a woman’s place is in the home”.

Veiled oppression, the desire to enslave, is heard also in how we do not speak of employees as trading partners. We hear this repression again, when when some are calling workers “associates”, yet denying them the right to organize as any other trading partners do on a regular basis.

Our society is rife with the desire of the greedy to elevate themselves with all kinds of false claims in order to enslave others. They use the insanity of prejudice, the ranking of schools of higher learning, and the division of lesser paid classes to achieve their aims.

Those greedy at the top sell their greedy system of control over the economy and the government as a good thing. Their receptive audience consists of the politically illiterate steeped in learned helplessness and burdened the poor self images derived from such helplessness. They encase their poisonous package of control in the hope dope message that those with less can get ahead by hard work alone. This “work ethic” is yet another “dog whistle” term used to keep financial control, through a very rigged economic game, in place.

Here is how you will hear the greedy controllers of the rigged economic system, and it’s lackeys, (who want an employee or voter to be their slave), present their bad deal to voters and employees:

(First their presentation to voters.)

“What will you have today dear political customer? Let’s see, we have greed and we have greed light, and we highly recommend either the greed or classic greed rather than the light version. Keep working hard while we build our business all by ourselves without any help from you. Oh, and by the way, the new greed light is greed, and the greed is real “free trade”.”

(And now their presentation to employees.)

“Out of the generosity of our hearts we will call you family, and you know of course that family doesn’t need a union, only real trading partners get to organize to increase their profit. Hey, don’t worry your little heads about it, we will “take care of you”. Have you seen our catastrophic health care plan? Oh yes, we give you that for free! Now off to your chores chillens, and don’t complain, we have microphones in the restrooms and we check what you say online, and by the way we will change your hours around as we see fit. Also don’t forget that you, yes you, can be a manager, someone so much more important that hourly wage earners! Yes, you too can be salaried! You will get to work hard in our growing team of hard working managers. You will get to show your work ethic even more so as a manager, we will even give you a free phone for us to call you.”

Now we can see plainly that this political game is more than rigged, it is insidious, and ultimately insane. A work ethic that gives you no time for your children and family is hardly a virtue, it is an abuse. We always have to be aware that greed ultimately makes a slave out of everyone, for if you oppress others you repress your ability to enjoy life. Why? Because you can’t fully enjoy your heaven next to anyone else’s hell.

Now a side note:

Bernie Sanders​ may not win the nomination of the Democratic Party but his revolution cannot be allowed to die. Hopefully, if Hillary wins she will start to feel the BERN herself and get rid of her big money backers, and make Bernie her V.P. I am sure he would be gracious enough to allow her the same privilege if he wins.

Let’s begin the shift back to the saner populist progressive middle ground. The far right isn’t right and selling “greed light” only cedes the victory to “greed classic”, which then will plummet further into “greed insane”.

Remember, when unfair trade is sold as free trade, it’s not at all “the real thing”, even if you share it with the whole world and sing cheerfully over all the mainstream media channels promoting it.

Regarding free trade: the real thing doesn’t make you a slave.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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