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Answering back to darkness requires we relive its helplessness and find empowerment. Destiny sings to us it is the light that lights other lights.
Voting is essential to being truly and deeply authentic in our caring for society and our children.
Vote, help conquer the darkness…
David “Mitch” Sotelo

Progress: What is it? It is the result of being progressive!

Progressivists compose a wing of the Democratic Party, and are almost nonexistent in the Republican Party. Teddy Roosevelt tried to establish a more progressive party called, perhaps affectionately, the “Bull Moose Party”. Sadly, it failed to have the influence it needed to have. Surely though, some progress was made by Teddy in promoting progressive political concerns.

What many progressivists fail to realize is that progressive politics isn’t either far left or far right. Why? Because neither pure Communism or pure Capitalism are progressive, for in the first case the government is taken by force and greed grabs all the money, and in the second case some grab all the money and then buy the government. Neither of these options are progressive, and neither create real human progress. They, in fact, work against it…

Progressive politics is based on a concern for the everyone, which requires the right kind of empowerment of voices in the society, voices that focus on cooperation and empathy, voices that are four kinds: Objective, Creative, Empathetic, and Optimistic (the voice of honest need, the absence of learned helplessness around needs and feelings). These voices need clear communication, with none of them overwhelming the others.

How does this look in society? There are points of powerful voice in the main organizational types that reflect in emphasis the four voices: Government which is more about objectivity, the media, which is more about putting many voices together in helpful creative ways, the extended family organizations most often classified in the United States together as “Church”, and finally the Optimistic voice is about healthy fair trade which benefits all players, this is most often referred to as “Business”.

Democrats are to various degrees mostly progressive, and actually, many Republicans, and even some types of Socialsts as well. Democratic socialism is what many are, without their knowing it, here in the United States. Why? Because Democratic Socialism is about a balance of these voices centered around fair trade that creates the optimism we need to be a healthy society honest with its real needs. So, most people are progressives, but to widely varying degrees, some leaning very capitalistic, and some very communistic. Progressives can be more or less limited in their visions, as selfishness is not progressive, and nationalistic leaning progressives are not at progressive as international progressives.

We need to focus on something I call “progressive health” in order to understand how progressive we are or are not, or how progressive our society is leaning. We need to see how balanced the four voices are, but more crucially we need to see how fair our trade is in helping the Optimistic voice of the society.

There is a disease that affects trade and optimism. I call this disease “greed”, meaning greed for power and wealth that ignores one’s real needs or the needs of others. We can call this disease “corporate capitalism” or “crony capitalism”. Within ourselves this disease manifests as “learned helplessness around needs and feelings” brought about by trauma and deprivation. When this disease sets in, it turns us away from real honest need to symbolic needs in order to help us with the intense anxiety engendered by this form of learned helplessness which could also be seen as “damaged faith in love”. Greed, in short, is the disease, and it exists in various degrees. It is also the root of all “evil” for the human race, and even now is affecting our global climate in dangerous ways.

The answer lies in various kinds of communication that balances these voices, which weakens the symbolic needs that cover our real needs. Symbolic need, or greed, keeps us from the despair of our hopelessness, but in the end shortens our lives and the lives or our societies, and the duration of human life on this planet.

I support primal therapy and the writings of Bruce Wilson, Peter G. Prontzos, Arthur Janov, and France Janov, because they focus on this disease and it’s cure: honestly expressing (voting) our real needs by unlearning the helplessness around them.

I support the Democratic Party and Mike Rawlins, and Michael Handley, and Sajeel Khaleel, and many more of my friends, because they all are voices for progressive politics. I especially support Bernie Sanders because he is a nationalist progressive.

Changing a person or a country toward being more progressive is about incremental changes not violent outbursts or harsh demands.

Within the Democratic Party there is a debate about just how incrementally we have to approach this change and still be heard. That is a valid debate. I think we are ready for Bernie, and some say our nation is only ready for Hillary. But this is an intense family quarrel, not a war. There is a difference between integrating more populist caring politics which is a healing, a slow unlearning, and the psychotic fit within the Republican Party. We love these Republicans, but this family quarrel is about whether grandma and grandpa are a threat to themselves and need to not be out driving the political car, or whether we let them just drive to the nearby grocery or not. Within the Democratic party either argument will produce some progress, it is just a question of how much progress will be created.

To sum this all up: Being progressive isn’t about individual issues or whether we are liberal or conservative. It is about what works. And quintessentially, what is love, and how tough love needs to be.

The whole world is leaning progressive, because it has to in order to meet its global needs well. The question is: Will we be active enough and promote proper communication enough to achieve this over arching goal for humanity.

A note here about emotional/social intelligence classes in our schools: This is a very progressive concept because it teaches all of us how to communicate with ourselves and others with empathy, self awareness, and self control. I have promoted a resolution which speaks to this with an emphasis on lowering bullying in our schools, which is of course, like war, the least progressive thing imaginable.

Here is my resolution for anyone who wishes to write a version and promote the concept of it politically.

Here it is:


“Whereas, there is wide spread bullying and violence in our schools, especially against our most vulnerable children, which lowers academic performance and has caused the deaths of our precious children (sometimes by violent acts and sometimes by suicides), Let it therefor be resolved, that we as a Party, endorse the implementation of emotional intelligence classes. These are classes which have been proven successful in many pilot studies to lower violence and increase academic performance by ten percent and more. Let it be therefor further resolves, that such classes be implemented in selected schools at all grade levels for the sake of our children and grandchildren.”

And the good lord said: Let there be light…

David “Mitch” Sotelo

sites to consider The Primal Mind, Primal Therapy Emotional Intelligence

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Darkness to Light

Teaching, spiritual, the self, guru, teacher, student
Primal Therapy, Arthur Janov, France Janov, Bruce Wilson, Peter G. Prontzos
Destiny sings to us it is the light that lights other lights.

The darkness of the soul is found in the helplessness of the heart, and conquering the darkness is found in feeling the feelings once touched by the poison of such helplessness.

Answering back against our darkness requires that we communicate in empowering ways that allow us to feel what was once impossible due to helplessness. Unlearning our helplessness brings light to our darkness, and when we have removed this plank in our eye we can see that the plank in our own is the same as the splinter in the eye of another. Then we can see clearly to communicate in ways that help to remove many splinters and set hearts free.

It seems to me that what is missing in human communication is the understanding that what is empowering in real ways unlearns helplessness around our real needs. This unlearning in connection to objectivity, empathy and creativity, give us the virtues that will enable the better survival of the human race: Truth, Goodness, and Art.

There is hope for humanity, but the journey is from reliving our needs and feelings connected to helplessness, a journey through our darkness toward the light of human honesty, compassion and creative appreciation of life.

There is no progress without such communication that unlearns our human helplessness, and there is no progressive movement or progressive minds without it.

Our choice is plain to us if our hearts are connected to this process: promote healing over punishment, and real need over greed.

The core of the human problem is a common sickness of helplessness that distorts our communications from peace and creative solutions to war and greed.

We must cry out from our darkness, and change the darkness into light.

There is no healing in violence and no peace in the arms of greed.

Communicate with love, and we will rise from our darkness to a better dawn.

Yet poetic words will not save us, we must understand The Primal Mind.

The guides to our better future are Bruce Wilson and Peter G. Prontzos, disciples of Arthur Janov, and leaders of a primal revolution.

Darkness is defeated by empowering messages, the use of empowering needs meeting perspectives and hope. The prophets of real hope are those that can brave the feelings of helplessness, defeat it, and rise from darkness to the light. They are messengers of real virtue and love. Yet, we cannot depend upon them, they are but the lights that light other lights, and until we light the light within ourselves we can never defeat the darkness of the need for punishment and greed.

Do not look for the hero to come. Look within, you are that one.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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