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David “Mitch” Sotelo

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Answering back to darkness requires we relive its helplessness and find empowerment. Destiny sings to us it is the light that lights other lights. David “Mitch” Sotelo

When Despair Engulfs

Sometimes look into your pain and feel what you never felt before.
That is where I find hope in my hopelessness.
David “Mitch” Sotelo

Who Am I and Who Are You?

I am guruji, the light in us,
and like you and everyone,
sent to all of us,
lights calling to the darkness,
we are here.
David “Mitch” Sotelo

What We Do

We all sing in our souls things too beautiful for our minds to conceive,
And then forget our songs as we forget our dreams,
And say of the world “how dull”.
David “Mitch” Sotelo


When the world turns dark and the skies cold,
And you feel alone in your soul,
Be the warmth and the light for someone else stranded in their world.
Make a bridge where there seems only sky, a road where mountains of impossibilities rise,
And you will bring a world of many isolated loves together,
In a paradise no one ever imagined.
David “Mitch” Sotelo

A Message to Citizens of the Earth

I thought I would share my wishes for you. In all your troubles and cares you are a wonder that no one can fathom, judge or diminish. Look into your eyes. When you seek the wonder of the universe: You are that one.
David “Mitch” Sotelo


When the world turns dark and the skies cold,
And you feel alone in your soul,
Be the warmth and the light for someone else stranded in their world.
Make a bridge where there seems only sky, a road where mountains of impossibilities rise,
And you will bring a world of many isolated loves together,
In a paradise no one ever imagined.
David “Mitch” Sotelo

To all my friends, and to those who feel I am their enemy:

I sincerely from the bottom of my heart, desire that you find joy and love today,
A sunshine of human warmth surrounding you, embracing your heart with healing and hope.
I hope today you find your dreams coming true and letting you fly without wings and be blessed without effort,
Until love lifting you, is like a song whispered to your heart with your every breath.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

Bernie Sanders

A man standing alone,

True to himself,

True to you,

A measure of the hope,

That lifts us from the insanity of greed,

To a love both practical and inspiring.

A man that lights the lights of those

Whose hearts light the world.

And they say he cannot win.

I say,

If you hear him,

How can he lose?

Feel the BERN

David “Mitch” Sotelo

Arthur snd France Janov

From the depths of despair they find what lifts the world,

From the depths of hopelessness they find the science of love,

From the depths of greed a crying child,

From the child in you the life in you.

From the life in you the hope of the world.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

Bruce Wilson and Peter G. Prontzos

Friends from the depths of our common humanity,

Stalwarts of truth and virtues of the heart,

Minds on fire with compassion,

For a world shuddering in the coldness of humanity,

Lighting the warming lights of a journey to hope,

Found in the courage embraced in our helplessness,

Minstrels singing to the heart of our sleeping greatness.

My friends,

Friends of our world.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

When there is a song in your heart don’t be afraid to sing it.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

Yours Truly and with hope in a dismal world, I offer all these thoughts with compassion and mercy for all of us.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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Darkness to Light

Teaching, spiritual, the self, guru, teacher, student
Primal Therapy, Arthur Janov, France Janov, Bruce Wilson, Peter G. Prontzos
Destiny sings to us it is the light that lights other lights.

The darkness of the soul is found in the helplessness of the heart, and conquering the darkness is found in feeling the feelings once touched by the poison of such helplessness.

Answering back against our darkness requires that we communicate in empowering ways that allow us to feel what was once impossible due to helplessness. Unlearning our helplessness brings light to our darkness, and when we have removed this plank in our eye we can see that the plank in our own is the same as the splinter in the eye of another. Then we can see clearly to communicate in ways that help to remove many splinters and set hearts free.

It seems to me that what is missing in human communication is the understanding that what is empowering in real ways unlearns helplessness around our real needs. This unlearning in connection to objectivity, empathy and creativity, give us the virtues that will enable the better survival of the human race: Truth, Goodness, and Art.

There is hope for humanity, but the journey is from reliving our needs and feelings connected to helplessness, a journey through our darkness toward the light of human honesty, compassion and creative appreciation of life.

There is no progress without such communication that unlearns our human helplessness, and there is no progressive movement or progressive minds without it.

Our choice is plain to us if our hearts are connected to this process: promote healing over punishment, and real need over greed.

The core of the human problem is a common sickness of helplessness that distorts our communications from peace and creative solutions to war and greed.

We must cry out from our darkness, and change the darkness into light.

There is no healing in violence and no peace in the arms of greed.

Communicate with love, and we will rise from our darkness to a better dawn.

Yet poetic words will not save us, we must understand The Primal Mind.

The guides to our better future are Bruce Wilson and Peter G. Prontzos, disciples of Arthur Janov, and leaders of a primal revolution.

Darkness is defeated by empowering messages, the use of empowering needs meeting perspectives and hope. The prophets of real hope are those that can brave the feelings of helplessness, defeat it, and rise from darkness to the light. They are messengers of real virtue and love. Yet, we cannot depend upon them, they are but the lights that light other lights, and until we light the light within ourselves we can never defeat the darkness of the need for punishment and greed.

Do not look for the hero to come. Look within, you are that one.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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Destiny My Apology

Teaching, spiritual, the self, guru, teacher, student
Primal Therapy, Arthur Janov, France Janov, Bruce Wilson, Peter G. Prontzos
Destiny sings to us it is the light that lights other lights.

An Apology to Destiny

Destiny sings to us, it is the light that lights other lights. We sense it, and when we do we should not veer from it, and if we do, we need to let it find us again, and take that first courageous step of faith.

I must apologize for second guessing myself about the virtuous power and destiny I sensed concerning Bernie Sanders from the beginning. So often we have it right and talk ourselves out of what everything inside us is saying, a message forging a voice of destiny, lifting us, singing within us, a song that can move the world. Then we replace it with compromises and weak out of tune soulless analyses.

When everything looks like it is once again moving according to past truisms and acceptance of minor victories, it is time to reach into our hearts and see what virtue is singing, hear the call backs, and follow the rising chorus of human hearts.

Appearances are like the dark before the dawn, but for those whose souls see through the darkness and hear destiny in the deepest silences, they can prepare for the sunrise and work the works that cannot tire.

This election is Bernie Sanders’ to win, and destiny is on his side.

It took the light of three young hearts to bring me back to what my own was saying, back to the sanity before my faith was weakened by not hearing the angelic voices of our common human virtues.

Kevin Numerick who implored me to “listen” to Bernie’s speeches, my son Alex Houghstow, my daughter Amber Houghstow, and two more that were young at heart but feeling the Bern far from me: Peter G. Prontzos and Bruce Wilson.

Long ago I had chosen Robert Reich, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders as the best of choices if they ran for President. I tried as in my religious days to sense the need of our world and I saw Bernie Sanders as if a great light had shown on him. Then I let my calculating mind take me away to what I thought “The United States was ‘ready for'”…

As William Shakespeare wrote: “To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”

I would add: “When a virtuous light rises within you, singing and lifting your soul, let your heart be free to fly. It is then you will find your higher destiny, and in its vision you can never be untrue to yourself.”

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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Sorrow and Hope

Teaching, spiritual, the self, guru, teacher, student
Primal Therapy, Arthur Janov, France Janov, Bruce Wilson, Peter G. Prontzos
In the sorrow of this world Primal Therapy holds out great hope.

Of Sorrow and Hope

Regarding a person I knew, who was so wounded as a child in life, and grew up and lived his life in Michigan, and who lost his life and his family tragically in ways that tore at the hearts of his children and one dear wife:

What a shame. I believe he could have been saved if our psychological profession and sufficient real research had backed Arthur Janov’s Primal Therapy long ago instead of staggering on into their maze of made up diseases based on groupings of symptoms and ways to stamp them down.

Origins of disease are important to know and understand, and help to make plain as well as what would define a cure. Soon in our future we will see a transformation of direction connected to understandings of the real causes of PTSD and its connection to the methylation of cells. That all said, everyone in Michigan could have done much more to support his sweet wife and her family.

Knowing all of this we can celebrate and cry for the deep goodness in people, all people, no matter how wounded.

Additionally it must be said that the atrocity called the Pine Rest “Christian” mental health system was the only neurotic and sweetly abusive arm of help that very religious Michigan had to offer.

The young man in question here should be celebrated as one who strove against great odds and managed to care as much as he was able.

The hope that remains to us today is to be found in the work of Arthur Janov, and France Janov, too very dear and precious souls, and in the brilliant insights and commentaries of Bruce Wilson the amazing medical science writer, and his friend, the very enlightened and courageous political science professor Peter G. Prontzos.

Consider viewing Primal Therapy and The Primal Mind.

Regarding this world of great sorrow we must not neglect to celebrate each in our own ways the wounded souls who we all are and those wounded ones who brought us into and nourished us as best they could in a very difficult and painful world.

To All with Love,

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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Thinking that is Religious or Conservative: What’s Wrong?

Teaching, spiritual, the self, guru, teacher, student
Religious and Conservative Thinking
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

What is wrong with religious and conservative thinking?

The theory I find best is my own perhaps. That is, unless you compare it to the theory of Arthur Janov. His theory is very probably more accurate as a neurological concept. My theory is simply that when our needs, and feelings related to them, are felt to be helpless, they are too painfully anxiety provoking to integrate in a fully conscious way.

When this occurs it tends to block creative, objective and altruistic empathy. This is present, to various degrees, in those who are deeply attached to religious and conservative styled thinking.

These needs attached to helplessness, forms what I call “pained need”. Such need becomes symbolized and generalized (distanced and spread out) in symbolic form. When this force allows sufficient or normal function in society, it supplies a symbolic struggle which can lower that overwhelming anxiety. (You might compare this concept to the theory of Arthur Janov.

When you grow up not feeling safe enough or loved enough by your caregivers, for whatever the reason, you might seek to “please” a super powerful deity.

Let’s now compare the impact of this “pained need” on the higher levels of our conscious mind or brain as similar to someone impacting an airbag in a car due to a crash.

The impact of the crash is distanced and spread out by the air bag and you would need a sufficient size of that airbag to handle the impact. This distancing in the brain would be the symbolizing of the need in terms of how distanced the symbol is, and the spreading out is the generalizing.

Let’s say you were traumatized by a cat. You might then be afraid of all cats (generalization or spreading out) and if the impact of the trauma was great enough you might be afraid of cat owners (the distancing or symbolization).

So, helplessness begetting anxiety which is too much to integrate, which is deeper and more unconscious than what is generally meant by fear, is the cause of religious and conservative thinking, IMHO.

Seeing and recognizing the unconscious fear in such people as embrace religious and conservative thinking is, to me, a “spot on” and very insightful observation.

Allow me to say that we can also see an analogy between the size of an airbag and the effective neuronal mass of the brain. This observation might give us yet another clue as to how hominids who survived such impacts gave rise to modern humans. Arthur Janov had said this long ago in fact and I highly agree, and hope my analogy helps to share this insight.

I will leave further explanation to two that might explain this in more accurate or deeper depth: Peter G. Prontzos and Bruce Wilson.
You can learn more at Primal Therapy and at The Primal Mind.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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Debt Crisis Analysis

Teaching, spiritual, the self, guru, teacher, student
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

Bruce Wilson made this comment as part of one of his great articles.

“The same scenario was played out during the Third World debt crisis of the 1980s and the Asian financial crisis of the 1990s.

Lending binges by banks and speculators led to debt defaults, followed by severe austerity measures to protect the interests of the financiers.

The solution is always the same, says Bello: “Pin the blame on the victims by characterizing them as living beyond their means, get public agencies to rescue you with money upfront, and stick the people with the terrible task of paying off the loan by committing a massive chunk of their present and future income streams as payments to the lending agencies.”

While the world follows this “living beyond their needs” narrative perpetuated by the corporate media – banks continue to deflect the pressures for financial regulation. As long as the banks get their way and austerity measures continue, the economies of Greece and the peripheral countries of Europe will continue to stagnate and the people will suffer.” Author: Bruce Wilson

Find his whole article “here”.

The problem with corporate styled capitalism is that banks and businesses are not only insensitive to the real needs of citizens because of a push toward profits as the true and only main and important goal, but they are also too big for anyone to allow them to fail. This means we need to work hard at taking money out of politics so that the needs of the people can have the larger weight of influence.  This is the only way we can have a strong democracy of, for, and by the people.  (A twist on the words of a great speech by Abraham Lincoln. Which you can find here.)

Abraham Lincoln also feared for his nation because of the influence of corporations.  Capitalism has a fatal flaw in that it’s love of money and greed tend to place all the wealth eventually into a few hands and impoverish the vast majority of hard working citizens.  Repairing this flaw must mean a government big enough and strong enough and democratic enough to stop the formation of corporations and banks that are too big to fail.  When this grabbing of most of the power and wealth of our nation by a few rich individuals occurs and we lose our democracy to big money influences, any nation begins to look like a dictatorship of a few, a result also attained by communism.

A truly free and vibrant economy cannot exist without everyone being made players in the economic game rather than being slaves to it. Picture a game of monopoly, a board game where players of the game roll dice and move around a piece that can land on owned “properties” and have to pay “rent” to the owner.

When a child I played this game and eventually one player will own all the landing places and collect all the rent until finally everyone else was “broke” and homeless.  Sometimes the “winner” of the game would try to keep playing by handing out just enough play money and landing spaces to other players so that they could keep playing, but never enough to spaces or money to put them in serious threat of losing.  Usually all the players who had “lost” would walk away in disgust.

Consider now when such a game occurs in real life, then you can’t walk away, you are stuck in the unfair rigged game.  This is what happens more or less when corporate styled capitalism, and too big to fail banks, take over the game.  Eventually all except a minority will lose any position where they might hope to succeed.

Those in such a “position”, a position from which they might find some success in the game, are the middle class.  Progressives seek to strengthen the middle class and help the poorest from being hopeless and turning to crime or violence. This means that the poor are in a position to move into the middle class, and that the middle class can hope to rise to upper class status.

I hope you will read all of Bruce Wilson’s article and remember to “keep the faith” in democracy and fight for it with diligence, something that requires not guns but constant vigilance, and a determination that your vote, nor anyone else’s will be “bought and paid for” in any way what so ever…

David “Mitch” Sotelo 

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Primal Therapy, Politics, Self Actualization, and the Infant Mind

Teaching, spiritual, the self, guru, teacher, student
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

This dialogue occurred on skype between myself and my friend Bruce Wilson. We both agreed we should post this for others to see and add their comments and questions. Please feel free to comment. I assume a version of this may also be available soon here.

Monday, January 23, 2012
[6:00:22 PM CDT] Bruce Wilson: Hi Mitch. Hope you’re also well. You’re more quiet these days.
… (Edited material due to privacy concerns of third parties.) We have just mentioned Arthur Janov’s newest book and so now we begin an interesting discussion that we decided might should be shared:

[6:04:59 PM CDT] David M. Stow: I hope primal therapy as a science is not becoming a forgotten dream.
[6:06:23 PM CDT] David M. Stow: It just doesn’t “smell” right when there are no others after all this time that are having the same successes, nor any independent scientific studies that boost it’s credibility.
[6:07:46 PM CDT] David M. Stow: Yet the idea of clean potable water to all houses in a city wasn’t a workable idea for quite some time unless you count the led pipe approach of Rome and it wasn’t every house.
[6:08:01 PM CDT] David M. Stow: It was still a good idea.
[6:08:42 PM CDT] David M. Stow: So perhaps it is so with primal therapy, it will need more discoveries and new technologies to make it what it promises to be.
[6:10:13 PM CDT] David M. Stow: Also so many like myself just can’t afford it.
[6:11:00 PM CDT] David M. Stow: Why isn’t it set up as a charitable organization? Clearly because it hasn’t impressed enough people in the right positions to help.
[6:12:25 PM CDT] David M. Stow: Since you’re a rich writer living in a French environment and hob knobbing with royalty and the cultural elite and avante guard of art, I tag you to start it all ha.
[6:13:42 PM CDT] David M. Stow: Dear God, if there is such a thing as you that listens and helps us find our car keys while ignoring suffering babies around the world, please make my friend Bruce an extremely wealthy man. AMEN
[6:15:07 PM CDT] Bruce Wilson: We’re working on a research project, trying to find people to do the research and most importantly…fund it.
[6:15:23 PM CDT] David M. Stow: Cool you give me hope.
[6:15:40 PM CDT] David M. Stow: Is it set up to receive small monthly donations?
[6:15:51 PM CDT] Bruce Wilson: Keep those vibes going. I’d love to be rich.
[6:16:02 PM CDT] Bruce Wilson: But in the mean time.. I make do.
[6:16:09 PM CDT] David M. Stow: Yeah that would be nice to have a good guy get rich.
[6:16:33 PM CDT] Bruce Wilson: We’re looking for a sugar daddy in a lot of pain who recognizes this is the way to resolve it.
[6:16:40 PM CDT] David M. Stow: hahaahah
[6:16:42 PM CDT] Bruce Wilson: Art had one, but the money ran out.
[6:16:56 PM CDT] David M. Stow: don’t rule out sugar MAMAS 🙂
[6:17:03 PM CDT] Bruce Wilson: He used to fund patients who couldn’t afford therapy. Those days are past.
[6:17:23 PM CDT] Bruce Wilson: Mamas or papas. As long as they’re California Dreamin’
[6:17:28 PM CDT] David M. Stow: ha
[6:17:42 PM CDT] David M. Stow: I forgot that they wrote that song.
[6:17:55 PM CDT] Bruce Wilson: The mamas and papas
[6:18:07 PM CDT] Bruce Wilson: Great song.
[6:20:02 PM CDT] David M. Stow: Call me crazy but I called the CIA once to try to get them to let me talk to one of the psyche experts about using Art’s discoveries in unique ways that might rule out things like “water boarding” etc. You can easily guess my reception. (Some humor edited out here.)
[6:24:26 PM CDT] David M. Stow: My uncle Eddie is of their ilk, a great guy, caring with his family and even tender hearted but really out of touch with some groups.
[6:24:34 PM CDT] Bruce Wilson: Only people in pain are malleable to authority figures.
[6:24:48 PM CDT] Bruce Wilson: when you don’t have your self, you defer to others.
[6:24:58 PM CDT] David M. Stow: Very true.
[6:25:50 PM CDT] David M. Stow: The Republicans are so naive and brainwashed and only think in small disconnected boxes, or boxes only connected by some emotional vibe or neurotic pained need struggle. (Should mention that this reference was meant for far right Republicans.)
[6:26:42 PM CDT] David M. Stow: Weird to see them go through such odd disconnected attempts to communicate.
[6:27:25 PM CDT] David M. Stow: Underneath it all I think is this belief in a being that would thoughtfully choose something they call “evil”.
[6:28:02 PM CDT] David M. Stow: I can’t begin to stop noting all the many ways in which it doesn’t make sense to be an intelligent devil.
[6:29:05 PM CDT] David M. Stow: Good and evil are conventions by which we survive by shoving some away, or shove away those we must while keeping our isolated sense of humanity.
[6:29:29 PM CDT] Bruce Wilson: There’s a quote somewhere about empires in decline. You know an empire is over when its leaders become increasingly insane.
[6:30:37 PM CDT] David M. Stow: I’m not sure but what insanity is a wasteful way of behaving that is becoming more and more a thing of the past as new thoughts that must be used cannot work in the presence of punishing attitudes.
[6:31:10 PM CDT] David M. Stow: In the event that it doesn’t become a thing of the past, WE will become a thing of the past.
[6:31:56 PM CDT] David M. Stow: Don’t know who said this but: It’s not as bad as it seems, it’s far, far, worse.
[6:33:07 PM CDT] Bruce Wilson: This is why the Occupy movement is one of the best things we have. The only thing that’ll survive the coming devastation are small pockets of sanity. It won’t be pretty, but humans have survived worse.
[6:34:16 PM CDT] David M. Stow: I hope you are right. I do believe that we must take on more and more responsibility as citizens especially politically. The question is: Can the human mind feel enough empathy for the planet, and for groups larger than 5?
[6:35:20 PM CDT] Bruce Wilson: I think it can, but it’ll take some effort. That’s where YOU come in. You have the perspective and the skills. You will be needed in days to come. Mark my words. With that, I must go. A plus tard.
[6:35:40 PM CDT] David M. Stow: One more thing though.
[6:35:44 PM CDT] Bruce Wilson: That’s French for “see you later.”
[6:35:56 PM CDT] Bruce Wilson: go ahead
[6:36:14 PM CDT] David M. Stow: We are now beginning to look at the ego “views” or lack of them in the Infant Mind and the need to integrate this.
[6:36:42 PM CDT] David M. Stow: This is something we have been looking at for a while now isn’t it?
[6:37:03 PM CDT] David M. Stow: The answer lies in the first line?
[6:37:21 PM CDT] David M. Stow: Or in regaining it?
[6:37:39 PM CDT] Bruce Wilson: Eventually the first line, but conditions must arise so that people can access it. That’ll take awhile.
[6:37:41 PM CDT] David M. Stow: I think in regaining it and that is called “self actualization”
[6:38:01 PM CDT] Bruce Wilson: Yes, self-actualization. See ya’ later Mitch.
[6:38:07 PM CDT] David M. Stow: ok bye
[6:38:11 PM CDT] David M. Stow: best to you and yours
[6:38:27 PM CDT] David M. Stow: We should put this in a blog?
[6:38:35 PM CDT] David M. Stow: You have my permission.
[6:38:44 PM CDT] Bruce Wilson: indeed we should. gotta go now.
[6:38:50 PM CDT] David M. Stow: Ok

Sorry that some of the humor was removed. Bruce contributed a good bit to that, thus the imbalanced look of the dialogue. Do you have questions? Questions are always, always, the beginning and even the end of all understanding.

Just in case you are interested in concepts springing from dreaming you might check this blog. Arthur Janov has published a new book of great importance you may find that here. You might also wish to help out a good friend and a supporter of my thoughts at this site. Another site you might find interesting in the political vein his this site.

The mingling of various concepts into a workable world view and a common ground for world wide communications is exactly what I feel should be supported in these difficult times.

Take care and please post comments here or contact me on facebook, or contact me on youtube here, or if you prefer contact me here on twitter.

Thanks for reading this and feel free to comment, but make sure you make specific references or questions pertaining to the post so that your comment is not mistaken for spam.

This is a movement… feel free to learn and join up.
Rev. David Mitchel Stow

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