Symbolistic Power is Dying: It is the Beginning of a New Progressive Age

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

The behavior of corporate capitalists in seeking self serving power, and never getting enough of it, is what I refer to as symbolistic behavior.

The minds of people like this dance all around and focus on what gives them authority and or power and democracy is the last thing on their minds unless the concept or practice at a given moment fits their purposes.

This kind of greed driven symbolistic behavior isn’t just isolated to the rich however. Have you ever noticed the manipulative sorts that make all kinds of social connections and make more out of them than is real? Or perhaps you have seen the one’s who manipulate every circumstance so as to put themselves in a position of authority? It is like a back drop or base song that is playing beneath all their expressions and behaviors and controlling their thinking. The are not “free thinkers”.

Symbolists aren’t necessarily “dumb”, they can be quite bright except that their intelligence is intent on gaining power and authority, they do not rise up on the merit of skill or intelligence alone, they end up, as all “successful” capitalists do, taking credit for other people’s hard work. They don’t like to act as “equals” but they will often say demonstratively that this is all they are.

One humorous phrase I heard from a “guru” who stated that the guru is humble, the guru sees himself as lower than the straw in the street. He then proclaimed “I am just God’s dog.” Later however he tells a story in which he points out that you really need to be careful how you treat someone’s dog. Which leads me to say that symbolists want to be either Godlike, or God’s dog. They are to be pitied in a way because they don’t have a full life. They are living out a painful story of helplessness within their own lives, a helplessness surrounding intense “pained need” usually derived in part from early often unconscious infantile trauma. Pained need derives from need that one was helpless to fulfill due to deprivation or which derived from trauma.

Symbolists are “functional psychotics”, and in society, the more intelligent they are “up on top” of lower intelligences, which are more emotionally and physically felt, the more dangerous they are to society.

Symbolistic behavior evolved from, and was encouraged by the fact that symbolists would sacrifice their “real selves” in order to consolidate control and power, making them the foundation of early societal governments which needed forceful leadership in order to begin and to grow and to withstand other social forces and governments around them.

The age of communication which is tearing down simplistic symbolistic power structures and beliefs is beginning to put an end to the value of government “by force”. We are in the beginning stages of that age and from it has been born “democracy”. Symbolists are still active and inhabit with real power more the business and political arenas. They are prolific however in religions and the less advanced democracies are often more dominated by religion.

The symbolistic age is coming to a close and the symbolists are in a panic to hold on to their wealth and power, but the forces of democracies will prevail over time, if socities are afforded that time. Power is being expressed in our new age in many more subtle and less violent ways and this is putting a premium on real intelligence at all levels, slowly, from the higher less emotionally felt intelligences to the lower more emotionally and physically felt ones.

Progressives are on the forefront of this new age of communication. They are less religious and more scientific. They are more into the joys of service and helping than into anxious power seeking. They don’t need to be proud or to put on “airs” and are humbly unassumingly themselves. They invite all talents to the table and are intent on developing their own, yet more for the involvement in the wonder of life and the joy of discovery. Progressives are mentally and emotionally healthier than symbolists who are often called now “conservatives”.

Progressives have a connection with themselves emotionally that is more than EQ alone, they have what I call OQ or OI, short for “optimistic intelligence” which is a liberal relaxed mentality that is buoyant in spirit and better connects, in a loving way, the higher reflective abilities of objectivity, creativity, and empathy to their natural complimentary trusting perspectives that are either mindful of, creative with, or feelingly expressive of emotional need.

Oddly in this time we are experiencing we often find that symbolists will understand what to do about other symbolists than some progressives do, and the reason for this is that progressives aren’t necessarily in possession of sufficient “helplessness intelligence” which is the power to feel the depths of their own helpless moments and experiences in conscious healing ways. The problem is with letting symbolists deal with other symbolists we enter into unending wars. Slowly the influence of progressives will erode the need for war but this will take a good deal of time.

Here in Collin County Texas there was a conflict between more symbolistic influences within the Democratic Party and the more progressive wing. The progressive wing scored a victory but still has some who are quite symbolistic influencing the Party. There is also a war emerging between the more progressive and more symbolistic elements within the Republican Party. I am hoping for the more progressive forces to win out in all contests and frankly it is inevitable over time.

We simply must push onward like kids in a sack race at times, teamed up together in spite of our conflicts, in order to reach our greater human potential… We can only hope that we will buy the time to do it by taking care of our ecosystem, infrastructures, and investments in our children…

We can do this!

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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