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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

The last stand of the age of greed and superstition seems to be the powerful control of international corporations over democracy, however, the communication age is bringing in a new form of international communication that is beginning to stand up to this antidemocratic force.

Yet we must also wage a war against the authoritarianism that supports this greed and superstition as we consider individuals who support it, and any support for it in ourselves. Globalization brought on by corporations is both an enemy and a friend, it is an enemy in the hands of those who want to buy and control governments, and it is a friend in terms of its uniting all peoples of our planet through the internet. We need to use the friendly aspect of globalization to unite individuals into international forces able to stand up against corporate greed.

Let’s examine the element of this time of international greed in terms of what supports it within individuals. Superstitious unchallenged belief systems do not allow for the values of the communication age (science, broader social empathy, and greater creative voice) to be fully implemented. Secondly, forms of authority that seek to speak for others rather than to educate and enable others to speak for themselves, are a problem in almost every organization. Last but not least, the lack of communication within the creative imaginations of individuals causes compartmentalized ideas (that evade conscious recognition and allow unscientific views, prejudices etc.), to be harbored like sleeping viruses waiting to be activated.

The three supports for international and personal greed will however not be totally eliminated until we see the personal disease aspect of this living in human beings. This aspect of this old passing age of tyranny and greed, is rooted in how we handle the welfare of pregnant mothers, how we birth our children, and how we raise them. When these things aren’t done well needs aren’t met and they create a helplessness and panic that must be thwarted and calmed within individuals. The process for this is the symbolization of the need itself so that symbolic struggles for symbolic needs can ease the sense of helplessness.

The message of panic goes to the parts of our brain involved with thinking and when we satisfy a symbolic need we get a message sent back to how we feel that “things have been taken care of”, this is a very chemical process that involves internal calming and pain killing elements, our own internal uppers and downers that calm us for a time. Symbols cannot be satisfying, you can’t get enough symbolic needs met, because they aren’t real and the effects of meeting them is a temporary illusion.

We become hooked on adrenaline for instance and movies get wilder and more violent, we become hooked on superstitious fears and conspiracy theories abound and science fact becomes ignored, and we come to think in our compartmentalized thinking that our views never need to be challenged.

We must act on all fronts, bringing in real communication into all our organizations, making alliances with friendly forces around the world, economically, politically, and socially, and we must root out those seeking control over the voices of others and eliminate them from positions of authority, and bring imaginative communication into the minds and hearts of everyone, and between the minds and hearts of everyone.

This imaginative communication that takes us from purely symbolic comforts to comforts from objective, creative, and empathetic roles and perspectives will liberate us from the greed and superstition within ourselves. These comforts are the basis for the new value system of the communication age…

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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