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Concerning Super Delegates and Bernie Sanders

Perhaps those who think Super Delegates will stand in the way of popular support for Bernie Sanders do not know the longer history of political parties in general? Those in power try to lock in their power in any political party, and rule by the wealthy has been support by all party elites for far too long.

Super delegates winning it for “Hillary” would be a national disgrace and they will do it to the peril of the future of the Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders may in fact be the salvation of the Democratic Party in these highly gerrymandered times, and the best chance for it to expand in a very long time.

I have given money to Democrats and pushed for their election for many years now, and if I were a “super delegate” I would certainly not at this point support Hillary Clinton, who polls less well against Republicans than Bernie Sanders.

i have had my picture taken walking down the street with a Democratic sign held by my child riding on my back, I have managed a campaign for a man whose allegiance to the Democratic Party was due to the work of myself and other activists in one town. I have created Public Access Cable channels that supported Democrats or gave local Dems a platform to debate Republicans.

I WILL NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON, that would be a disaster for this Party and not a WIN, and that friends is why Super Delegates and precinct chairs might JUST begin to FEEL the BERN and why Super Delegates would not DARE to stand in the way of the popular vote in the Dem Party.

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is not a joke he is a true progressive that is RIGHT FOR HIS TIME. He is not someone who would argue for insane concepts and he hasn’t. What is insane is that our political parties have so often united to stand in the way of real progressive movements, and that insanity is coming to an end as people become more educated in our society.

Super Delegates WILL FEEL THE BERN or RUE THE CONSEQUENCES, and we cannot drift any further to the right and be and effective force for the majority of the people we supposedly support: the poor and the middle class, union members, and the oppressed minorities.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt stood up for things so progressive for his time that many conservatives in both parties railed against him, just as they now rail against Bernie Sanders.

We as Democrats at this stage in our advance should not cower from his more progressive views, we should stand up for them.

Want to Win for the BLUE? FEEL THE BERN!

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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