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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

I said this to a Democratic friend and I then thought I’d better say it to all my friends, all over the world.

“Did you see the videos with Bernie Sanders hugging one young college girl? Letting the Black Lives Matter protesters at one of his campaign rallies take his mic and share their concerns? Letting young college kids present their ideas for change? Watched his politeness? He is not just a grandpa he is a super grandpa. All the kids love him, and… ya know? I think they’re right. This guy has star power and a genuine heart that shines and shines.”

Now I would like to say a bit more than what I told my Democratic friend, because it deserves to be said and the media hasn’t caught on to a lot of the great things about Bernie Sanders yet (or so it seems).

When I see how Bernie deals with people and his love for our kids my eyes water up, and when I hear him speak, the honesty and genuine quality he expresses behind his words is like fresh air. I want to breathe it in, I want to be like this guy, I want my country to be more like him.

When I listen to Hillary I think: She is a smart lady I can see the wheels turning in her head, I see her calculating what others want to hear. When I listen to Bernie Sanders I think: “This smart guy is speaking from his heart, and he feels the hearts around him.”

It’s easy to like Hillary, she is one smart cookie, but Bernie speaks to my soul. Bill de Blasio changed his support to Hillary from Bernie, but then admitted that it was Bernie who said first the things we need to focus on, and he ignored (probably conveniently) that Bernie wants to break up the big banks and Hillary wants to keep them (I wonder why?), and Bernie is against the death penalty and Hillary is for it. A true progressive is genuine, some can fake it, but their true colors will always bleed through.

People ask “But what if Bernie can’t win?” I ask “What will happen to our country and our world if we don’t support people like Bernie?” When all is said and done we will do well to vote our true hearts as progressives, regardless of our political affiliation, and on my death bed I don’t want to say to myself: “Where was my courage when I needed to stand up alone? Where was my faith in the heart of humanity? Why didn’t I go early to the battle for justice and make the way easier for those coming after me?”

I want to be rockin in the free world with Bernie, not standing on the outside waiting to see where the crowd will go.

Your chance is here, the dance floor is waiting for you, and some are waiting to see you go first. Open that door for them, dance your heart out: FEEL THE BERN.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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