Teaching, spiritual, the self, guru, teacher, student
Teaching, spiritual, the self, guru, teacher, student
It’s time to believe again, in and America for everyone. Bernie Sanders IS the power of myth the call of the ages. Answering back to darkness requires we relive its helplessness and find empowerment. Destiny sings to us it is the light that lights other lights.
Voting is essential to being truly and deeply authentic in our caring for society and our children.
Vote, help conquer the darkness…
David “Mitch” Sotelo
Don’t let greed turn you into a slave….

Yoga: The Deeper Discovery of the Universe that is You

The mystery of who you are, the fullness of life that is your soul, is as great as the mystery of the universe and the multiverse.

The journey within you is an exploration as exciting as travelling into space or exploring the deepest oceans.

You are the development, the evolution of life and the universe, with a mind and eyes and ears and feelings that paint on a canvass that is pure wonder.

All within the marvel of your heart and mind there sings a song that sings itself, a universe of the soul.

The goal of yoga is not in essence about physical exercises which are only augmentations. Yoga is the yoking of all you experience with all that you experience to be yourself. Two phrases in Sanskrit to describe this are aham brahmasmi (I am THAT) and tat twam asi (THAT I am).

Yet the communication of love and need, the forces of the evolution of the universe and life, are the only fuel one needs to find the virtues built upon the perspectives used to love, and the honest need that liberates the mind to open a wonder and deep joy that is the real you.

The ancient yogis say “All things come from bliss and return to bliss.” Bliss is the joy of love, the dance of love and need, the heart and mind set free from greed, a hug of time embracing all that was, is, or ever will be.

Heal your heart and mind, fill your wonder, conquer your darkness, and in your emptiness know your transcendence in your deepest immanence.

You are the call of the universe to your soul, the heart beat of the greater evolution of justice, the wise freedom that wears the innocent smile of a child.

All that said, this path of yoga, expressed in the actions of daily life, is the same as the humble journey of any progressive democrat.

Real progress is born from the creative play of the wonder that is you.

Rev David Mitchel Sotelo

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