Sorrow and Hope

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In the sorrow of this world Primal Therapy holds out great hope.

Of Sorrow and Hope

Regarding a person I knew, who was so wounded as a child in life, and grew up and lived his life in Michigan, and who lost his life and his family tragically in ways that tore at the hearts of his children and one dear wife:

What a shame. I believe he could have been saved if our psychological profession and sufficient real research had backed Arthur Janov’s Primal Therapy long ago instead of staggering on into their maze of made up diseases based on groupings of symptoms and ways to stamp them down.

Origins of disease are important to know and understand, and help to make plain as well as what would define a cure. Soon in our future we will see a transformation of direction connected to understandings of the real causes of PTSD and its connection to the methylation of cells. That all said, everyone in Michigan could have done much more to support his sweet wife and her family.

Knowing all of this we can celebrate and cry for the deep goodness in people, all people, no matter how wounded.

Additionally it must be said that the atrocity called the Pine Rest “Christian” mental health system was the only neurotic and sweetly abusive arm of help that very religious Michigan had to offer.

The young man in question here should be celebrated as one who strove against great odds and managed to care as much as he was able.

The hope that remains to us today is to be found in the work of Arthur Janov, and France Janov, too very dear and precious souls, and in the brilliant insights and commentaries of Bruce Wilson the amazing medical science writer, and his friend, the very enlightened and courageous political science professor Peter G. Prontzos.

Consider viewing Primal Therapy and The Primal Mind.

Regarding this world of great sorrow we must not neglect to celebrate each in our own ways the wounded souls who we all are and those wounded ones who brought us into and nourished us as best they could in a very difficult and painful world.

To All with Love,

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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