The Song

My dear friends and heroes of the heart,
Hope you and your families are well and find smiles warm as a gentle sunshine, cool breezes to refresh whenever you tire, and a hope that believes in love to light your way in every darkness, with a vision that sees a better more brilliant sunrise always, always.
You know, what I wrote above sounded good to me, until I realized all my brain does is rehash whatever I have heard before, and then I just add a bit of feeling.  Yet, our feelings are as individual as our fingerprints, unique as our experience, and together we as human beings are as beautiful as this violent expanding universe, birth place of all the gentle sweet children of this earth, who swept up in its storms too often go to war, but even in these storms, feelings call us to something higher, and lacking all words to describe it, some call this “spiritual”.  I call it the song I can almost hear, a song just outside of my listening that stirs my heart, lifts me, and brings a vision so wonderful that tears well in my eyes, then stepping into the storm my feet find the path of a hero, alone, unheralded, joining the music of a multitude of souls, and we rise, and we rise.
What else can we do?
Rev. David Mitchel Stow
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