The Democratizing of Capital, Individual Rights, and Social Pained Need

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

Pure democratic socialism would deny that a tyranny of the majority can exist. It ends up denying the rights of the individual, and opens forces that demand a repressive government to intervene.
The universe is a violent painful place and we see it evidenced in the presence of endorphin like substances in animal life including human animal life. Bringing up too much pain to higher levels of the brain, or tapping too painful memories too fast by intellectual conscious mind, can result in a break down of the ability to cope with reality. The same thing exists in society. Society has elements where there is a lot of pain and it is not all caused by repressive actions from the top levels of society. The middle class acts as a buffer against that pain which helps to preserve the sanity and better function of any society and avoids violent revolutions which can harm millions and set back human advances by decades.

It is true that we suffer from too much capitalism in its pure sense, but the core problem is greed not station. Oppressive dangerous trends come in two flavors: the demonizing of the poor and the demonizing of the rich.

What is the cure? We must advance slowly, enlarging the middle class, giving adequate necessities to the poor as we are able, and causing moneyed interests to realize their connection to the entire social system and to its future and place in the biosphere and the ecosystem. Communication of caring (the meeting of needs) in ways that grow trust in the system such that each grow is essential to a nation’s and to the world society’s better health.

Slowly we can move from a predominantly neurotic profit driven economy to a more compassionate one, but we cannot achieve that by opening up too much pain, too much “democracy” of the economy too fast. How close can we come to this? We will just have to wait and see and hope for a more and more pleasant set of surprises.

This entire process cannot be possible without a more feeling/caring approach to education for all our youth.

Many of you have probably heard by now arguments against Janov’s concept of primal pain, which I call pained need, but I ask you: “How if this doesn’t exist can we elicit panic and painful anxiety in people through attempts to comfort them?” Honest empathetic comfort should not be met with defensiveness unless “pained need” is there.

The answer to this problem social pained need, and of pained need in individuals, begins with greater emotional awareness which is what emotional intelligence classes are all about, and which have been known to help human relations in schools and in business.

A healthier society is about healthy individuals and healthy social discourse that grows in caring and trust and makes for a stable and profitable nation and world.

David “Mitch” Sotelo