A Caring Revolution

officer and refugee kid

The connection between anxiety and the “evil” that humans do is, it is also connected to why people vote “conservative”, as what is conservative loves the safety of the past and those in anxiety are fearful to leave the past behind.

The question should be, if we want real change: “What is the source of such a level of anxiety that blurs the mind, avoids new facts, and avoids factual threats in the present.”

Now, for quite some time, I have said that Arthur Janov, Bruce Wilson, and Peter G. Prontzos, are aware of the source such anxiety. It springs from what I have called “pained need”, need associated with helplessness to the point of a panic too dangerous once to feel.

I have been teaching concerning this to many friends, and sharing concerning Arthur Janov’s last book: “Life Before Birth“.

When needs become associated with helplessness they become painful and needs that are painful are sometimes too painful to address consciously. This unconscious need still sends its message, and like a the ability to deal with physical force safely, it’s force needs to be spread out. This spreading out within the mind in regards to repressed need manifests as more generalized symbolic need. For instance, if one had an abusive male caretaker one might become afraid of men in general, or with less pain perhaps only men of a certain type somewhat symbolic of the man who harmed them. Sometimes even the original memory of need and its contexts might be completely repressed, not forgotten, but completely repressed before conscious memory was involved.

I will state emphatically that such memories of pained need, repressed before any real conscious awareness, and some only partially, are the roots of modern conservative politics, and the fact that symbolic need cannot be fulfilled and satiation never attained, and causing “enough” to never be “enough”, is also why such political thinking is so attached to greed. Furthermore the selfishness of someone drenched in pained need would be somewhat greater than in healthier people. They may even show levels of empathy and love for family, but then show a lack of altruistic empathy, and have a fear of those “unknown” who would be easy targets for them to place their irrational defensive ideas upon. Thus note the connection to what is called “prejudice”. Note also that the farther to the “right” or to the conservative aspect of politics that the more evidence of prejudice is found.

The political battle between “progressives”, who show altruistic political views and far less selfishness and greed, is not one that can be approached merely by intellectual education alone, although it could and has been helpful, but by forms of communication that include the emotional level, and deeper still communication between perspectives of caring and perspectives of trust. These forms of communication may also be useful in the approach to feeling and healing pained need, but more on that at another time.

Note that those who have conservative tendencies aren’t always obvious, they may hold what appears to be progressive values, but universally they will have difficulty with “feeling like a child”, be treated even in comforting ways “as a child” which is universally how healthy people do comfort one another… The inability, or extreme reluctance, to receive comfort from perspectives using reason, empathy, and creativity (accessing new or different perspectives such as is seen in “brain storming” which also will raise their anxieties).

You can test the level of conservatism in a group by suggesting the concept of a specially designated or “official” approach that involves “brainstorming” or “emotional intelligence education” etc. The loudest voices, the more strident of them, barring other rational reasons against addressing such an issue at a given time, will be those, usually, most conservative or those more lost in symbols of pained need and the symbolic struggles resulting from them.

Finally allow me to introduce you to two new words not in any dictionary: “symbolistic”, and “symbolist”. The definition for symbolistic is “lost in out of original context symbols of pained need”. The definition of symbolist is a person so lost in the helplessness associated with needs, that became “painful” as a result, that they have become “power or control addicts” and will relentlessly seek to be in positions of influence, without a reason for it and in spite of more qualified people seeking the position.

Symbolists should not be allowed into positions of power however, regardless of their seeming qualifications, just as a an alcoholic shouldn’t be in charge of a winery. They will abuse the power they have, barring more qualified and rational competitors, or more intelligent and capable people, not just from their own position, but from any positions beneath them that might threaten their own position of power.

Currently the two Party system in the United States contains within each of its major Parties some who are more progressive and some who are more conservative who water down their voices, the more progressive or healthy minded people are currently in the Democratic Party, but in the past it was just the opposite situation. We desperately need progressives to start coming together from within all the political parties not just in the United States but in the world. It is now very important to vote Democratic here in the United States regardless of one’s usual or past Party affiliations. Why? Because in government things change slowly, and if not, violence is far too likely to occur.

Things are at a tipping point in the United States and in the world and we must slowly and immediately begin to move things toward greater more progressive government, so supporting the more likely to win among progressive leaning political elements or parties makes the greatest amount of sense, and we must do so along with advancing more emotionally connected forms of intelligence, including understanding of pained need to whatever degree possible, and that along with the encouragement of brainstorming, in order to constantly become aware of new promising ways to place our time, effort, and finances.

This is now a desperate battle for the very survival of the human race, and it is not between the rich and the poor, the foreign and the domestic, it’s between anxiety and sanity, emotional ignorance and enlightenment.

This is a time for revolution, not one of violence but one of trust, trust that only grows with love, a revolution and a test to pass that all the human race put together face, in love in mutual help, in bravery, and personal exploration and revelation. It is time for a peaceful spiritual revolution where our higher perspectives of caring come together to defeat our ignorance and fear: a progressive revolution of love.

David “Mitch” Sotelo