Republican ID Laws: Robbing Americans of Their Right to Vote

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Lion's Head

To those that would rob American’s of their vote:

The far right need to realize that as they do extreme things to persecute others and deprive them of their rights, that this sends out an alarm that works against them.

There is not a wall too high to climb, not an obstacle to great to master over time, and when that time of mastery comes, and it surely will, the flood gates of freedom will be open and the waters of justice will rush these narrow minded lovers of false power from the praises of history into a future oblivion.

Let them do their evil deeds, these will fly back in their faces and arrest their souls in the prisons of their shameless darkness, where their own insane hatreds will be their tormentors.

There is an island that never sinks in the high tides and storms, a place where the winds of loss and sorrow are turned into angelic hymns, a place where freedom eternally dwells.

It is a refuge where hatred and greed are unprofitable. It is found in the hearts of all who would wrest hope and promise from times of despair, it is shining always in the fight for justice.

It is the glow of freedom’s power.

It is the love that lifts the hopeless from despair, that speaks boldly into the heart of darkness: “You shall not prevail.”

Let the evil have it’s day, its time is given by the heart of a freedom loving God, but time moves toward the gravity of final justice, and freedom rises toward a higher destiny, and evil will be slowly swallowed in the darkness of its own despair.

Rev David Mitchel Stow