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Lion's HeadCan experiences of the non verbal non ego infant mind within us reboot our thinking and open new possibilities and new openness to new views? I believe this can occur. However any trauma at the time of our infancy may also be awakened before it can be safely integrated and so produce odd and irrational thoughts, experiences, and behaviors.

Many religious practices may cause an untimely release or unhealthy connection to such an ego state giving rise to what are supposed to be “spiritual or religious experiences”.

So, just how safe is your religious practice and belief system? It could be hazardous to your mental and even physical health, as well as your political judgements, and could impair your ability to be scientifically astute and objective.

However, some such practices and beliefs allow very damaged people to function, and society was probably formed historically when those seeking power at the expense of their social awareness and sanity became a motivation for others to organize into functional units, cities, and nations.

Insanity has performed useful survival tasks for humans and so it persists even today and shows itself in forms of government and business practices extant today. Increasing communication is making functional forms of insanity, there because of a world society founded on things that allow them, less and less worth while and tenable, and so conservative ideas embracing such things are crumbling under the weight of science and better more effective communication.

This in turn means a stubborn element in society still clinging to such primitive concepts is panicking and manipulating situations in order to protect forms of power based upon out dated and outmoded forms of ethics and concepts about humanity and the universe.

This last gasp at power will come to and end and we can only hope it does so peacefully and in a gradual manner, just as we need a gradual and rational access to pre-verbal non ego forms of experiences.

That gradual change may try the patience of more progressive thinkers, but it is necessary in order to avoid unneeded and destructive forms of violence and economic collapse.

Let us think on these things and be patient with those who in desperation stand in the way of real progress.

We must be progressive, but we must be kind.

Brother David “Mitch” Sotelo

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