Regarding the Trouble with Guns

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

Regarding the trouble with guns:

The common disease of humanity is a pernicious one that has led to our evolving a greater intelligence along with other factors. However it is still a disease from which anger and uncontrolled emotion and greed are often derive. There is a deeper struggle here that goes inward to our deepest sense of self and if left unaddressed all the efforts of law and conscience will be to no avail.

However, for the time being, and considering that most will not even begin to admit to this common somewhat “spiritual” disease the limitation on gun ownership in dangerous areas might finally decrease the carnage we have thus far seen, and yet keeping guns out of the hands of those most prone by circumstance and lack of an established history of self control might also be wise and a good first step, especially if we keep guns out of the hands of those we have reason to suspect of uncontrolled dangerous anger.

I have been and remain a strong skeptic of those claiming the extant and popular forms of education regarding mental “illness” have any tendency to create more than more “hope dope” preachers. It drives me to great anger, but since I am not sufficiently mentally disturbed that anger does not guide me nor cause anyone physical harm and never has. Perhaps the greatest wrong in our society are the extant forms of clinical psychological practice that are no better than the superstitious unthinking religions and perhaps for the gift of a “license” to be an authority over society greater than such religions may be far more pernicious.

Again I will cite the great work of Arthur Janov​, Bruce Wilson​ (A medical science writer of great insight), and Peter G. Prontzos​ (who could well educate any body politic concerning a saner course for humanity). Two sites to consider here: and (the original and the most advanced version of this therapeutic form extant today).

Consider also this face book page if you are a person concerned with human progress: A Progressive Movement

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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