Real Values

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Real values are natural and don’t depend on edicts of the past.

Is there a liberal sense of strong reliable and sane values? Yes, they are real values that are an innate part of us.

Real Values aren’t values based on blindly following a prescription of simple rules, but upon the natural core values stemming from deep curiosity and what is good in and for humanity. Without this there could be no true social values that support real progress for all, and not just for some. Real values move us to our better selves.

What are these real values? They are common to all. Real values are innate in our human social norms. They are Truth, Goodness, and Art. The creative ability to see and experience things from many perspectives, is how we find Art and artful appreciation of life others and ourselves. The empathetic altruism natural to us, and the use of it, is the basis of Goodness. The objective ability to perceive reality as it is, rather than how we wish it to be, is the basis of Truth. Liberals tend to get this, if not in word then almost always in practice.

A blind following of some cultural tradition or system as the basis of values is not dependable. It is enslaving of the minds and hearts who so blindly follow them. Following such things without reference to innate common human abilities, such as creative (passionate curiosity), empathetic, and objective thinking is morally ignorant. Such blind following of past concepts about values only leads to unfeeling, insensitive, and thoughtless approaches in life.

Forget your conservative morality based on blind faith, I will endorse the living faith of liberals. It is a faith that liberates the best in us and adapts to the times we live in, instead of pushing a cold and cowardly and ignorant clinging to past concepts.

Real values are liberal and we need to support them.

Vote the Blue, Feel the Bern.

This nation belongs to all of us and not just the rich, to concepts that include everyone in a common living set of values, a caring for everyone and not just for a few. Caring that raises humanity toward its greatness and not toward a cowardly fear mongering thoughtlessness which can only end in disaster.

Claim true democratic values, reclaim your country!

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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