Real Social Evolution Is a Healthy Society: The Freedom Template

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

There is a template I have proposed, which I call a Freedom Template, that can be used to help understand what a healthier society might be. The Freedom Template includes all the major societal power points in a balanced and healthy form of social communication. This template also exists within each of us. It includes, in a social view, private industry, but controlled and enlightened by agencies that separately approach our problems before coming together, one with a goal that is compassionate and empathetic, one that is more scientific and objective, and another that is openly creative in looking at problems.

These three helping perspectives help to compose bodies of power, bodies of power that already exist in society, yet are mentally and emotionally ill and more about paranoid power seeking than the better service of all humanity. Power has lost its proper service orientation, and we need to understand why this is so.

First let us make note of how the template exists within individuals. The Freedom Template as it exists within individuals, has our feeling aspect which because of being the more concerned with direct survival is much like trade or enterprise, then there is our socially empathetic perspective, our objective perspective, and our creative perspective. Compare these in the social view to Business, Church (and other forms of extended family), State, and Media perspectives.

All these perspectives need to be healthy, rational, have a free voice that is not suppressed by any other perspective and yet able to communicate.

The bottom line is that individuals who are dysfunctional to various degrees in regard to these perspectives will create dysfunctional Governments which do not represent a healthy communication between the desire to survive and thrive and the higher perspectives of empathy, objectivity and creativity. We have neurotic people creating neurotic societies.

Looked at in terms of the development of human intelligence we see forms of survival coping that are forms of intelligence. These are laid, as we grow (evolve) into adults, one on top of the next. The Developments are also influenced by genetics and epigenetic evolutes, which are also impacted by hormonal secretions and balances, and also by needs that are not properly met within the womb and beyond.

Next let us consider how change has been blocked in the past.

Forceful or more violent revolutions are destructive if not enough elements of health are in place before they occur. This happened with the Marxist revolutions which all ended up badly. It is best to evolve with as little violence as we can manage otherwise the costs can easily set us back in terms of real development. This is why Karl Marx said that his revolution would not work in non industrialized and poorly educated nation states. He was correct, but there were things missing from this equation and they were the lack of development in terms of layers of intelligence, and the destructive forces of stress that impact life in the womb and thereafter. There needed to be a development of a socially revolutionary form of psychology and its implementation, and the influence of more enlightened health and educational institutions. Have hope because these things are on their way…

Let us consider now another problem with current approaches that blocks social development.

There is something missing from both socialistic and capitalistic forms of government, it is the principle of real freedom which consists in a proper division of social powers given to their area of concern and with the freedom of voice to be heard. Something that the Freedom Template attempts to address. Each of these approaches leave out the healthy development and equal opportunity of workers, who are but the smallest of forms of business. This requires universal health care that is enlightened by a new and more thorough understanding of human development, equal opportunity for the best in education. These two latter things that have full agreement and approval by all camps of progressives of which I am aware.

Now let’s consider the path to healthier world society.

The path to a better world is a journey toward more universal communication, education, and trade, these three things need to become universally accessible, and the internet can help with this. This in turn will promote the understanding and acceptance of science and scientific principles which must then be applied to the health of individuals and to societies both at the same time.

Real health of a society incorporates the big and the small into a system that helps every element reach its fuller potential. We are in fact headed that way, if our resources will hold out, and this will require reaching out into space, a journey of hope toward the stars.

There is hope, let’s put our heads together,
Let’s do this…

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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