How to Promote Real Peace?

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

The left and the right seem to often forget just how insane the world can be, and especially how insane isolated regions in the world might be. Both say they want peace, but how is peace best achieved?

Democracy is important because it helps to create a saner world, but the political left needs to understand that organized world trade (even imperfectly or somewhat abusively done) is a great force for communication which can give birth to Democracy. People don’t as easily shoot people with whom they see a need to trade.

Along the way though we do need to strongly voice humanitarian concerns and understand that stable democracies are the best crucible to encourage scientific understanding and research which can then be applied to the concept of healthier families and individuals.

Healthier people avoid unhealthy ways of seeing things. Seeing things in terms of simplistic concepts of “good” and “evil” is the very “evil” that gets in the way of more reasoned and caring responses between people and between nations.

I have listened to the bizarre screaming of both the left and the right and I am convinced that progressives are actually more in the sane “middle” where reason and compromise trump the insane dance of symbolistic (symbol worshiping) people who see themselves as “angels” and those who disagree with them as “devils”.

So you want a saner world? You want a world more prosperous peaceful and free? Avoid the extremes in politics and concentrate on saner more rational forms of comfort. What are these? They are objective, creative, and empathetic attempts to care, which keep in mind the big picture and avoid narrow self centered views, be they nationalistic, personal or packaged in any other form.

Want peace? Don’t empower symbol worshiping people no matter what their skills, skills can be acquired, mental health is much harder to change. Empowering symbol worshiping people who see people as more or less “important”, rather than more or less helpful to a particular effort, is like giving a key to the wine cellar to an alcoholic. “But he or she is a great organizer of parties!” you might say. My answer is to train a non alcoholic to do your organizing.

Want peace? Go to war against symbol worshipers who would go to war against democracy.

Want peace? Encourage world trade.

Want peace? Encourage and promote universal education.

Want peace? Invest more in scientific research.

Want peace? Vote for universal health care, which includes more science based forms of psychology.

Want peace? Promote more critical thinking approaches and emotional intelligence classes in all schools and institutions.

Want peace? Start learning to communicate in ways that help to foster real skills in caring and real and growing trust in your world.

Want peace? Promote all of the above in your own mind, and use your imagination to practice better communication with others and with yourself.

Being progressive isn’t just about having the right values, it’s about growing in the skills that make these values a reality.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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