Progressives Unite!

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

The truth the world is confronting during this communication age is simple and very spiritual: Integration is love, and love creates more and more win/win situations.

A Progressive Movement‚Äč is happening world wide, this movement is about expanding and improving the middle class, so that the poor can have hope and justice, and the rich can have richer meaning in their lives.

Where do you stand?

Create history stand with Progressives support and improve the parties who stand for improving and expanding the middle class whose source is from those with the respect and fair wages that unions bring, and from the ability to start a business and not have all the power and resources owned by a few large corporations.

Progressives unite, and improve and expand the political party in your country those is most progressive. Decide to organize decide to vote and relegate what is standing in the way of true human progress to history and let our world find a better and more prosperous future for all humankind.

You can do this. Come out of the shadows of the voiceless non voting, come out of the minority status in any other Party, vote and stand up for justice and prosperity. History will record the efforts of your heart with pride.

The future you save will be the world of your children. The present you bless, with the light of courage and justice and hope, will light the way.

Draw Excalibur from the stone, hear the angels sing, this is your fight, this is the age of heroes, let the greatest generation know their greatness never died, and don’t look for the heroes to come, look for the hero in your heart.

David “Mitch” Sotelo