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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

It’s not enough to think about what is best for the world, we must communicate it and improve communication so that it is more loving and creates greater trust. This isn’t easily done. Progressives have to challenge any learned helplessness in themselves attached to feelings and needs within themselves, the things that make them truly human. Progressives are by nature humanists, and do not live “symbolic” lives based on dictated virtues and authorities, their virtues are natural flexible and come from within themselves. Progressive activists also act, they don’t sit idly by and give up on themselves and the world, they take part and take deal with the challenges set before them with courage, conviction and passion.

Progressives are not just people who hold progressive views, instead they know and feel where progressive views come from. They are not just “liberal” they are practical and concerned with real progress. Neither are they “conservative” as they are conservative where they need to be but liberal where it helps. They are reflective and real first of all to themselves, as without this they cannot be real with other people or with reality.

Progressives are not ruled by religion or simple sets of beliefs and cherish doubt every bit as much as faith and are not afraid to doubt in order to test what they believe. Progressives a patient observers and fervently experimental in order to find new paths.

Progressive activists don’t don’t look around for heroes to follow they stand up and get moving on things that need to be done, even if this means boring and obscure things that no one will notice. Progressives aren’t narcissists, nor are they sociopaths like corporations tend to be. They are by definition about progress and this means an integration, a practical integration of optimism as a light to their thinking, and a courageous spirit to their heart. They follow a way of healthy integration of realistic comforts and honest expressions of life, living, needs and feelings.

Are you a progressive activist? Good, and the first good sign of a progressive activist, a true progressive, is to get moving on what matters, what helps the human species to survive and endure the inevitable changes on the way.

Don’t look around for the hero to come, look within, you are that one.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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