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Voting rights are essential to our world democracies, we must stand up for the power of the vote.

Here in the United States of America, Democrats lost the southern states for even more than the generation predicted by LBJ because of voter rights activism, but it purified the Democratic Party of some of the unspoken and unrecognized evil here in the USA, and this time it may return these same states to the more progressive Democratic Party of today.

What we often fail to recognize is that the promotion of the empowerment of voting is an ongoing battle against not just evil but insanity, inbred, taught, excused, and promoted by corporal punishment of children and the rote learning in their schools, a form of learning that leaves out the real joy of learning and thereby impairs the ability to think independently.

Teaching by force and punishment does not inspire independent thought, thought that is essential to a healthy democracy. Training through demand and fear negates the love of learning that can lay the ground for the creative thinking that we will need in the future. Progressives understand this and fight against it in many ways.

Trauma is not education it is indoctrination, it is what kills independent thought and the true joy of learning. It creates blind obedience to books, to people, to institutions, and almost guarantees a society that doesn’t love science, doesn’t appreciate its women, and fails to empower its kids for real and beneficial forms of success.

Trauma and deprivation seems rampant in our world society. It attaches helplessness and panic to human developmental need, which in turn creates symbolic needs that can never be fulfilled. The struggle for symbolic rather than real needs creates the desire for more and more than you need, which is called greed.

Greed is the empowerment of the current corporate capitalism that we have all helped to create, by either not opposing it, allowing it to happen, or not voting for what is better.

We simply must unite and promote the power of the vote. It is the power against the juggernaut of greed being pushed upon human beings world wide.

Yet this alone will not be enough, we must also educate about the problems associated with greed and move toward a saner society.

Insights on a process that can help heal this in individuals abound in the writings of Arthur Janov, and insights into the politics of creating a healthier society can be found everywhere.

I would like to invite all my friends to comment on the bigger picture involved in creating a true democracy to fend off the looming plutocracy threatening our world.

Also, if you wish to know more about this subject please contact your local involved progressive friends or neighbors, we can learn alone at times, but we learn best together.

For more information please go here.

Get involved,
Give hope the wings of reality.


David “Mitch” Sotelo