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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

There is a revolution going on and it is an expansion of the values of our still young communication age, I call this a Progressive Movement.

Believing something without evidence is what tells us that a person is not a Progressive. I vote Democratic because it is by far the more progressive party, however no thinking person should allow any group to speak for them, they must demand their own separate voice.

We must not allow any political party system to control our voices, for this is a repression of the communication necessary for a Democracy to not just “work” but to grow and flourish.

Political parties should function as enablers of the voices of it’s members and not promote a concept of unity that is unrealistic and untrue. This will keep others, who may agree in large part with a party’s intentions, or enough in them, from truly and usefully participating in that party.

A party would be better defined by those it intends to represent the interests of and this would mean a multiparty system of government, but party’s of this sort need to be further broken down into those that promote the separation of Church and State, and those that do not.

I believe that a multiparty system is essential to a better democracy, but the party structure in a more healthy society would consist of major interests to the benefit of all. These major interests, which should not exclude the others except in terms of central focus, would be branches of scientific inquiry and research. These general branches of study and focus, would be concerned with

1. Health (in a broad sense including the environment forms of extended family, emotional and physical health etc.),

2. Education (including how best to teach and learn and guide)

3. Creative Arts (including music, humor, dance, audio video arts, and any creative way of giving a different viewpoint)

and 4. Fair and Effective Trade (the study of what works to create a healthy economy)

These four political parties would not operate without considering the information of the other branches or parties and would serve in each case only as information concerning candidates for office with similar concerns, and the health of the state would be seen in how balanced a government was in representing these interests, with any imbalance being due to a proper emphasis on the most important issues at the time of the election.

The approach I am speaking of would be the logical expansion of the views and intentions of progressives. Since there is a battle now between the more and less progressive among us this system could not be put into place as yet, but interest groups are forming even now around various major concerns and these will serve to some extent to create a healthier government.

This movement toward a healthier system of government must consider the major forces against it, and those forces are the ones that allow our government to be controlled by regressive superstitious elements in our society and the emotional illness that puts greed above the needs of citizens.

Everything I am saying supports the necessary best forms of trade, but trade should not be controlled or dominated in any oppressive way, whether by state, church, media, or even business interests. These forces must be balanced and they can only be balanced on the platform of informed emotionally and mentally healthy citizens, and this upon a platform of a healthy environment, and both of these platforms are being threatened.

What shall we do in the meantime? We should vote Democratic, because the balance of study and interest is more rational and better balanced in this political Party. However we must strive not to move to far to the left of right or we will over emphasize the liberal faith in government, and the media, or the conservative emphasis on business and church (extended family values) concerns.

The left and the right are poisoned by superstitious beliefs, irrational conspiracy theories, and a lack of healthy optimism and love of all humanity. Due to this problem I emphasize the concept of optimistic intelligence, and the implementation of it in what I call optimistic integration.

Optimistic intelligence is created by importing the communication age values into our own consciousness and imagination in order to promote the better communication between perspectives that help meet human need and those that are cooperative with them. This is what I call the communication between “love” and “trust”.

The advance of the communication age from externals to internals, from social to individual, is a progressive revolution.

Consider joining A Progressive Movement and help to spread these concepts.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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