President Obama Speaks of Grace

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

President Obama, hears the upward trend toward love from the depths of honesty and grace.

His speech declares the grace of a God of love, the only God we can argue for as a guiding light to humanity.

Grace begins when we are born, it is love amazing without the need for merit, it is praise unbounded by measurements of achievement, it is adoration that makes for willing sacrifice, even to the point of giving up one’s life, one’s dreams, one’s hopes for a life without drama.

This nation gave it’s first cry of freedom blessed by grace, a love undeserved but full of hope for all humankind. It was not born of perfection it did not grow into perfection but it is always growing toward a greater goodness and a greater power to love and invest through its children in a better future for all generations to come.

We can’t grow without taking up the cross of our ignorance, fear, and past sins, grieving the losses they bred, and forgiving all of us, embracing for all of us an amazing grace. Amazing grace is not just a free gift from the Source of All Love, it is a command for each of us to pass along, in the midst of our tears, in the midst of pain and crushing despair.

The AME Church stood up and gave from the grace given to it, it gave to friends and those lost in hatred and cruel intentions, it stood up and sang of grace, it stood up and applauded the power of love.

This tragedy visited upon a Church so solidly embracing such grace only became a stepping stone of a greater love: A love that reaches to the heavens of audacious hope and back again to this veil of tears below.

We cannot forget the kindness and grace of such a Church which stood up through the difficult childhood of our nation, to direct our nation to a greater vision a greater love, a grace so beautiful it sings in every accepting heart,sings to an errant nation and world: Oh sinner come home, come home to the amazing grace that opened a way for your birth,and a way for your resurrection and hope.

Now hear the words of a President of heart, and deep understanding, our President Barack Obama:

David “Mitch” Sotelo (A progressive, a sinner, and a child of grace.)