There Is a Light Within You

That light is your optimistic or buoyant flexible intelligence.

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Optimistic Intelligence

Optimistic Intelligence is our natural state.

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The Path to Enjoying LIfe

We find our ability to enjoy life when we manage to fully feel and unlearn associations of helplessness with our needs.

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When the Spirit Speaks

When the love is so great that you feel willing to be hurt or die for someone and you are close to tears and the heart speaks love and hope to those feeling unloved and hopeless,

when the Spirit like a moving piece of music sings to your soul but cannot be fully heard or grasped,

when the knee bows and the heart is filled with glory that you know is the embrace of the One who is worthy of all glory and praise,

as the song of all this love begins to be sung in your ordinary life,

then the small still voice is found amongst the loud posturing of those who seek only for themselves,

and in it’s quiet way it speaks the destiny that God would give you, a destiny in which what you ask is God’s will pouring through you,

and when you are moved to say “let this mountainous obstacle move!” it moves,

and the ground of your reality shakes.

and then sings your soul to your Savior, and your God,

“How great you are, how great you are!”

Finally you turn and see Jesus, sitting near you on the mountain of faith that is high over the world of sorrows, and He says,

“Rest, my child, time to rest.” “Tomorrow we will eat and travel the roads where the blind walk and we will bring them light.”

There is no pride that comes from God, there is no drive to be selfish and then call it “freedom”,

there is no gaining of wealth on the backs of impoverished workers and telling them to be grateful for pay that is too small and taxes that are unfair,

there is no worship of the rich as if they were the dream of success that might come from God,

and you understand that when the rich young man went away sorrowful who would not sell all he had and give it to the poor,

God was asking less than that the rich pay their fair share of the taxes.

Greed is the root of all evil and the conservatives preach it like it is a blessing and a right from God and call it freedom, and the liberals love the same wealth and say “let us give a small portion to the poor, so that they will not rebel against us”, and they are like the pharisees and the sadducees before them.

Let us not be tempted into their arguments, but know that the only right way is when the King comes, and all the world sees the glory of love, shining everywhere and leaving no one in the darkness.

Rev. David Mitchel Stow


Finding Our Way to Love: The Mandate of God

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

Salvation isn’t earned, the cry of the anti Christ is that you earn and deserve. The first Church had everything in common so that none lacked. Those that do not take care of their own are worse than unbelievers. The Republican Party has become the strong voice of the anti Christ.

We are not of this world, and deciding to vote for what feeds the hungry, the children and the widows, is not a hand out, it is God’s mandate. When Jesus fed the many with a small amount of fish and bread he never asked the disciples to give only serve those who “deserved it”.

Western Europe is proof that it is more blessed to give than receive and they are now no more broke than we are and the statement “broke” points to an artificial debt owed to the greed of those who steal by not paying their fair share of taxes to carry out God’s mandate.

They are the ones at the end of time that will come before him asking “When did we see you and did not help you?”

Helping the lowliest is serving Christ, beware the lies of the anti Christ. There comes a judgment, both now and at the end, and why ask when is the end of time? The end of time is when anyone dies, for them the end has come, and next comes payment, for those with the most love and sacrifice will be given more and those who had the least real wealth in heaven will have what they seemed to have taken away.

Lay up treasures in heaven where there is no decay and follow what is right in the living Word, the love that flows from hearts who seek no profit here on earth. How hard it is for the rich to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, yet all is possible with God so never should we judge the final end of anyone. Yet fear the cost of love that is lost. Vote for a just and caring rule or be the ruler that was cast out.

Rev. David Mitchel Stow


Comfort as a force for change.

Comfort that comes from the same places that our virtues do has a power to change us. It helps us to have sincere feelings from which sincere forgiveness can come, and from sincere forgiveness repentance changes our lives toward more virtuous ones.

Coaching people in how to communicate within themselves in comforting ways can help them to do the same for others in real life. Progressive values are what results from this process and I believe this progressiveness makes God smile, whatever you think about God (the source of all love).

Comfort from our ability to empathize, to understand, and to imagine comforting things, is comfort that our virtues of goodness, truth, and art (the creation of appreciation of life), would approve.

Trust in empathy means expressing and feeling our needs honestly, trust in understanding means an honest expression of what we wish for, and trust in the attempt to create comforting imaginations requires an ability to play along with what is imagined as if it were real.

When virtuous comfort touches our hearts, caring and trust have communicated well. It is then that we have experienced the love of God, and then that we can believe in a love greater than this world seems to offer. It is then that the harm to our faith in love, our loss of faith in love, can be grieved. Blessed are those that grieve, they shall be comforted.

From honest grieving arises honest rejoicing and in that rejoicing we have entered the heaven that is within us, around us, and between us, whose paths are communications of love and trust.

Spiritual coaches can help you find the heaven within you, so that you can share that heaven with the world, and when you share that heaven your life becomes a victory of love, a light in the world, a seasoning that gives the world the flavor of love.

Rev. David Mitchel Stow


Primal Therapy and Rational Spirituality

There is a rational approach to God and Spirituality that doesn’t require a belief in anything supernatural at all. Without a truly feeling approach in a scientific and clear theoretical underpinning, psychology itself is no more than the state supported religion. It means that God is the personification of our virtues, and spirituality is how we connect to them.

Religion itself is not necessarily irrational, it depends upon the form it takes. Buddhism is a belief system that requires no belief in a God or even a Soul, it is rightly called a religion, psychology without scientific underpinnings and clear proof of effectiveness is a religion, and without a clear showing of clear and beneficial cost/benefit ratios for any particular “condition” it isn’t any more useful than most religions either. Yes, we need a clear understanding of things spiritual, and antique beliefs and books are not a valid support just because they are old and oft repeated.

The rational approach to spirituality is to see what helps us connect to our higher reflective abilities, upon which virtues and spirituality depend, and then make sure these connections are valuable comforting connections to the seat of our motivations which are feelings.

Yes there can be a science of connecting to feelings and integrating them, which is a science of grieving, this science is Janovian Primal Therapy. This is a therapy not conducted properly by anyone on their subjective lonesome either as a therapist or as a patient. Neither is this a therapy involving non objective thinking, nor crude mechanical actions devoid of empathy and resonance with honest feeling, nor uncreative perspective limiting forms of religion or philosophy. This therapy is revolutionary and I wholly endorse it. Find more information at

Beware of those using the Primal Therapy label without the latest research and the support of its founder Arthur Janov. Thank you for reading this, yes it makes sense, and when you contact the Janov Clinic in Santa Monica, tell ’em Mitch sent ya.

Have a nice and rationally spiritual day!

Rev. David Mitchel Stow


Kittens White and Black

When I was a child and perhaps 4 years old, I really don’t remember except I don’t remember being in school at that time, I went with my southern born family and visited a set of houses. I don’t know why we were there, but I met another young boy and he showed me kittens and we each held one. Pictures I saw later reminded me that we were having a very good time and were quick friends. Children before social instructions see things so honestly and realistically and are able to make friends easily in my opinion.

One of the kittens was a white kitten and the one I held was a black kitten. I was a White child and he was a Black child. Actually I only remember knowing that like the kittens he was darker and I was lighter.

Now much later when my parents showed a slide show in Michigan a picture popped up with my friend and I smiling and holding the kittens. Suddenly it occurred to me an interesting detail. I said, “Hey look, the kittens are like us!”
Immediately I was shushed as if I had said something bad. I didn’t know why but it made me feel bad. The poison fangs of prejudice had not entered me, but the snake was in my home.

Whenever I see people now who are different than myself in whatever way, I can hear that hissing snake, but all I have to do is think of those kittens and how neither the little boy nor I, playing together with kittens, saw any significant difference between the kittens or ourselves, and I just smile.

What if the world would stop passing poison to its children? Would we seek to enslave each other? Would we tell workers, the smallest of businesses, that they should not have the right to organize like any other business? Would we allow the largest companies to use the smaller ones like slaves? Would we pay our teachers of children less than we pay those who teach the college kids? Would we conceive of a society only driven by greed? Would war be a major source of income?

I think not.

Rev. David Mitchel Stow


Optimistic Intelligence: When Hearts Embrace

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When hearts embrace they see the beauty of life, and their path, though humble is bright. and optimistic. This path is the path of optimistic intelligence.

Hearts embrace, they find caring and caring finds trust, and the communication between caring and trust is a communication with virtue: this is optimistic intelligence. Following this find your heart, find your real self, and always be content to be you, for you, living your life, this is your destiny. When hearts embrace their minds find virtue.

Optimistic Intelligence is demonstrated in people who have an embracing attitude toward the real needs of their human fellows. They do not forget the sick, the lame, the elderly or the defenseless young. They are not motivated by greed and do not use cleverness to rob others. They embrace the good in all things. They see past evil to the fear and pain within it. They never abandon when uplifting has the smallest chance of success. They will strive tirelessly to bring appreciation and honor to the worthy destinies born of hope even in the darkest of hearts. Humility of heart brings them the bliss of honest wonder in a world unimaginably magnificent, and contentment just to be themselves.

The path of healing or the path of punishment, these are the choices in this world. The path of healing produces optimistic intelligence.

What is optimistic intelligence? It is what is born in the heart of hope that seeks the comfort of virtues and extends that comfort to others. Only the birth of an honest heart wrapped in the comfort of Truth, Art and Goodness can begin the journey to optimistic intelligence. Only the intelligence of an empathetic heart, the wisdom of a humble seeker of objectivity, and the vision of a hero lost in creativity, can find and lift the honest heart to its destiny. The journey to this destiny is the destiny, the growth in optimistic intelligence is always sufficient as the growth is in fact our destiny in action.

The lessons of the path of our destiny are not learned only by communication and action in our daily lives, but also in our internal lives of dreams and daydreams. The discipline of embracing dialogues between forms of trust and the caring inherent in all virtues within the dialogues in our daydreams, opens our dreams, and opens our lives. Naturally, hearts embrace, and when hearts embrace virtue sings.

When your heart yearns to embrace the world, it will find a welcoming fellowship of those that know their destiny by living it.

Welcome, those whose hearts embrace the world. Life is your welcome mat, living is your joy, the world is your home, and all humanity is your family. Seek optimistic intelligence and be content always to honestly be yourself, for the honest you was always and will always be your destiny. Connecting to yourself and others with love is true intelligence and the power of its comfort will guide you to your bliss.

Follow your heart, embrace the world.

Rev. David Mitchel Sotelo


Welcome Progressive Activists!

Teaching, spiritual, the self, guru, teacher, student
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

It’s not enough to think about what is best for the world, we must communicate it and improve communication so that it is more loving and creates greater trust. This isn’t easily done. Progressives have to challenge any learned helplessness in themselves attached to feelings and needs within themselves, the things that make them truly human. Progressives are by nature humanists, and do not live “symbolic” lives based on dictated virtues and authorities, their virtues are natural flexible and come from within themselves. Progressive activists also act, they don’t sit idly by and give up on themselves and the world, they take part and take deal with the challenges set before them with courage, conviction and passion.

Progressives are not just people who hold progressive views, instead they know and feel where progressive views come from. They are not just “liberal” they are practical and concerned with real progress. Neither are they “conservative” as they are conservative where they need to be but liberal where it helps. They are reflective and real first of all to themselves, as without this they cannot be real with other people or with reality.

Progressives are not ruled by religion or simple sets of beliefs and cherish doubt every bit as much as faith and are not afraid to doubt in order to test what they believe. Progressives a patient observers and fervently experimental in order to find new paths.

Progressive activists don’t don’t look around for heroes to follow they stand up and get moving on things that need to be done, even if this means boring and obscure things that no one will notice. Progressives aren’t narcissists, nor are they sociopaths like corporations tend to be. They are by definition about progress and this means an integration, a practical integration of optimism as a light to their thinking, and a courageous spirit to their heart. They follow a way of healthy integration of realistic comforts and honest expressions of life, living, needs and feelings.

Are you a progressive activist? Good, and the first good sign of a progressive activist, a true progressive, is to get moving on what matters, what helps the human species to survive and endure the inevitable changes on the way.

Don’t look around for the hero to come, look within, you are that one.

David “Mitch” Sotelo


Here is one approach to the sacred communication between trust and love.

Spiritual coaching is what I offer. It is valuable because it doesn’t require you to accept a disease label as a definition for your life. It is valuable because it doesn’t require you to confess things to anyone but God, which protects your privacy. Finally it is valuable because it teaches you how to empower yourself.

The path of optimistic intelligence is a path of discovery. It is a discovery of the natural optimism that you have lost due to damages to your faith in love. It is the discovery of the power of the communication between faith and love.

Along the way I will teach you the basic dialogs between faith and love. There are three kinds of faith and three kinds of love that form three dialogs.

Many may ask “How can I help myself?” This isn’t what takes place. You have experiences of love in yourself and from this love you will find help, and by your choices in life you can find even more love to enrich and increase those experiences, so in actuality others are helping you from within you through the experiences they gave you. Consider also that there is a virtual social world within your mind that holds a treasure trove of help, plus with God you are never really alone. So you don’t really help yourself, all alone, in your mind you have many helpful experiences, and the help from your experiences and memories are actually help from others and from God.

There exists an Artist in you which is your connection to the creative God in heaven, there is a Director in you that is God on earth directing you, and there is a Caretaker in you which is the loving spirit of God which unites you to all of God’s family. The Artist in you can communicate to the Kid in you when that Kid shows the faith or trust of play, the Director in you can communicate to the Kid in you when that Kid shows the faith required to be meditative or mindful, which is the faith to listen without jumping to conclusions, and the Caretaker in you can communicate with the Kid in you and in others through the faith of having the trust to be honest with yourself and others who love you, a faith that I simply call “feeling”.

These communications exist in society and they exist in you. They are what I call the “inner-communion” of love. This communication which yields optimistic intelligence or wisdom, must be passed on lovingly from spiritual coach to students who in turn become coaches for others. Eventually a Church is built in which there are many coaches with various skills and gifts. It takes a community to raise a child and it takes a community to raise a child of God to wisdom and greater love and faith.

Those who invest in such a Church will reap a great harvest in this world and in the world to come. The parables of Jesus and the writings of wisdom from many religions and cultures all become plain when you are in the process of being coached, but the meanings are more deeply grasped when you have developed the skill and actively coach others.

Ministers are those who have made coaching their mission in life. Ministers are human beings and can’t live on air, they are worthy of the offerings made to them. Those investing much will be blessed much in return. Yet, you cannot give and expect faith to follow, you must follow the path and give with a cheerful heart, fully knowing within you the appropriateness of your gift.

I am building an online Church and will build a Church locally to establish a strong base for expansion not only on the internet, but around the world in many physical locations.

You don’t have to follow a religion to follow this path, this is a spiritual path, but you will still need a community of others for real growth to occur, and real changes made in this world come from good hearts committed to working together.

I will help you online with coaching for any donation you are wise enough and able enough to make. This is hard work and hopefully you will join in this endeavor and build spiritual community where ever you live. I will help you by phone, but it is best if we can use skype which you can download at if you have a computer with sound and or a camera. Then write to me and tell me your handle there and I will send you a note there. I am “irememeberthis” on skype.

Only by such communication can the world be healed. Religion often divides but spirituality unites us all. This spirituality is not a belief system but a way of communicating between perspectives of love and faith. It is best practiced within a loving community, but it must begin with each of us. Love is the seed of a more caring world, but we must plant that seed in our own heart and in the hearts of others, we must embrace one another in our differences, not by mere tolerance alone, but by appreciation of the treasures such differences can yield.

Some will not be willing to strive for a greater embracing of others or even of themselves. This movement is for those who have arrived at the understanding that it is their duty to do so, and an obligation they must accept in order to save our world.

I will provide a page for such donations as you feel moved to make. Understand that all are respected in this movement. Do not feel badly if you give very little, for if you are poor a little gift to God is counted as a lot, and if you are wealthy and give a small donation, if may be because you have given to other worthy causes. All God asks of anyone, is that they communicate between love and faith, for where this occurs the kingdom of heaven reigns, within us, between us and around us, just as Jesus once said.

I teach that you must first forgive before you can repent, and that forgiveness isn’t possible until you have felt and relived what damaged your faith in the presence of God’s love. Your natural optimism is the mustard seed of faith, the honest inner light which will brighten your life and open up to the abundant love of God. This natural optimism is Christ alive within you. It is the nature of a child, the child you must become to enter into a real communication of love and faith, a communication which is itself the kingdom of heaven.

Whoever is baptized into the fire of this optimism, is baptized into life.

I am a minister of the Universal Life Church. The Universal Life Church believes in life and it believes in you, whatever you believe, and it recognizes that when we come together in growing understanding, love and faith that all peoples and all cultures and all the religious and non religious will be richly blessed.

Begin to undo the crippling hurt to your faith in love that this world has heaped upon you. Rise up with the dawn of a new day of joy, love and peace. You can conquer what is holding you back in life, and embrace what was and is your birth right: the kingdom of heaven here on earth. No, you don’t have to die first, Jesus said “The kingdom of heaven is within you, between you and around you.” The kingdom of heaven is the communication between faith and love.

The gates are swinging wide to heaven. Come inside. Learn the wisdom that comes from trust and love.

Rev. David Mitchel Stow


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