Feel the BERN

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Answering back to darkness requires we relive its helplessness and find empowerment. Destiny sings to us it is the light that lights other lights.

Feel the BERN

We must Feel the Bern to argue well that Americans should Feel the Blue and vote Democratic. Conservative Light is the Slow Death of the Heart of the Democratic party and democracy itself.

What conservative Democrats are missing is a plain and simple fact. That fact is simple: selling conservative light is about as popular as selling Coke Light. People like the “real thing”. Without it, it is impossible to launch a clear attack on the conservative ideas that are slowly killing our democracy. This middle ground of conservative and conservative light has eroded the ground under the feet of Democrats. We have had a difficult time making our case when we are just a little, and very little, bought than the Republicans. Revolution begins, and real change, when the controlled middle ground of politics by the wealthy few is openly challenged and defeated. Bernie Sanders is that real change that we need, Only someone like Bernie can move the range of argument over to a sure and stable one. We need a clear position against the plutocracy bordering on aristocracy that is crippling the soul of our nation. Bernie has that clear position.

The question for Democrats is will we continue to lose ground by playing to the bought middle or will we begin a revolution on solid arguable grounds. A Democratic Socialist is a practical and realistic and arguably superior stance than neo-liberalsm can offer.

What we have seen state to state is that conservative light loses to conservatism. When we continue with Hillary Clinton we are building our Democratic house on shifting sand. Democratic Socialism is proven to work and is a solid basis from which to launch attacks on both unworkable forms of both capitalism and socialism. Progressives ARE Democratic Socialists. The progressive argument is the solid ground from which the Democratic Party can eventually create the Blue Tide that will have people Feeling the Blue from coast to coast.

Bernie has shown that he can approach both conservatives and liberals with his common sense plans and win arguments and get applause from both. Semi Insanity cannot argue well against Insanity. Only Sanity can be the solid rock from which real change can develop.

It is insane to keep allowing our politics to be bought by wealth interests. This is to the detriment of hard working folk from one end of this country to the other.

Enough of the Semi Insanity that has driven the Democratic Party farther and farther to the Insane Right. It’s time for a change, a real one.

Want to Feel the Blue? Want a Blue Tide? Feel the BERN

David “Mitch” Sotelo


Presidential Debate

Darkness, light, Primal Therapy, Arthur Janov, France Janov, Bruce Wilson, Peter G. Prontzos

Answering back to darkness requires we relive its helplessness and find empowerment. Destiny sings to us it is the light that lights other lights.

Presidential debates can sometimes lack substance. This presidential Democratic debate night was very much full of substance and much more clarity was given on what divides the Democratic presidential candidates. This debate was indeed substantive and well worth watching. Bernie and Hillary had quite a night. This debate was informative, at times combative, even though primarily civil as opposed to the recent Republican presidential debates. Bernie did well and clearly won the debate by all accounts.

The question before Democrats in the Presidential primary race is about whether we want evolutionary or revolutionary change. O’Malley did himself proud but the debate clearly goes to Bernie Sanders. Despite a moment when he was on the defense concerning gun control he dominated the debate. This attack launched by Hillary against Bernie was a rather unsubstantial. This attack with all the facts considered wasn’t much of an attack.

Hillary was very much on the defensive regarding her reception of funds from Wall Street. Bernie was very strong regarding this issue and spoke well considering health care as a right and moving toward a Medicare for all approach.

Hillary’s attacks against Bernie seemed to fall short of anything truly effective. O’Malley seems, on the issues, a better version of Hillary but his lack of traction so far leaves him a very very dark horse in the race.

Bernie was acclaimed as the “winner” of the debate by the pundits. Given the mood of the country and Bernie’s ability to swiftly come from behind and actually overtake Hillary in these early races I believe that this contest may swiftly come to be “his to lose or win”.

The internet was definitely showing more interest in Bernie Sanders. Those physically present at the debate seemed to be leaning pro Hillary. Nevertheless, Bernie got a great share of the applause in the room.

Many have probably wished that they could have heard more from Martin O’Malley. He did speak well. He can’t be counted out yet. He could still come from behind. However he would have to depend on people seeking another option. They might just tire of the two leaders but that would have have to happen soon. However, due to the internet, I think that the volatility in this race will be high. We should watch for possible surprising twists and turns as the race continues. The leaders, though unlikely, could still stumble and fall.

Again the issue is whether we want a mere evolution of good trends or a revolution. Do the American people want evolutionary change? Do they want instead a more substantive revolutionary change? When we consider revolution we have to look at Hillary’s view of the American people. She seems to think that Americans just aren’t ready. Does she think that America is not courageous enough or smart enough to push for revolutionary change? Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, seems to believe in the ability of the American people to stand up for real change. He seems to believe that Americans can understand the importance of it. We might say that in this instance Bernie Sanders believes more in an America whose greatness lies not just behind it, but now and in the future.

O’Malley to his credit mentioned more about climate change than either Hillary, or surprisingly, even Bernie. However Bernie has made it a major topic in many of his speeches. It is definitely the most important issue of our times. Not addressing it would seem to be “fiddling while Rome burns”. Perhaps we should rather say “while the planet burns”.

Be sure to watch the commentaries at the end of the debate, they are very informative.

Feel the Blue

David “Mitch” Sotelo


Virtues: Progressive

Darkness, light, Primal Therapy, Arthur Janov, France Janov, Bruce Wilson, Peter G. Prontzos

Answering back to darkness requires we relive its helplessness and find empowerment. Destiny sings to us it is the light that lights other lights.

Virtues that are progressive can heal our world. Real virtues are progressive. They are the gift of someone with insight into themselves and society, someone who can think creatively, objectively, and with empathy that is altruistic. Such insight, born of such abilities is the root of all virtue and the definition of anyone truly about human progress, and human progress must be the core definition of what is a progressive.

We are all progressive to some degree, so striving together to increase these abilities is the mark of a someone worthy of the title. These abilities are the foundation of real or progressive virtue.

Progressives are about real progress, they are not about punishment or greed, they are supporters of help and emotional healing. They support real and effective communication that supports the progressive virtues that evolve from creativity, objectivity, and empathy, which are respectively: Art, Truth, and Goodness. These are progressive virtues.

Progressives challenge their own beliefs, they no more follow belief without doubt as a copilot, than a sane person would drive a car with a gas pedal and no brakes.

What blocks our progressive virtues and abilities? The answer is damaged faith in love. This damaged faith comes from conditioned helplessness attached to needs and feelings.

What causes such damage? The answer is trauma and deprivation. Trauma and deprivation cause a sense of helplessness. This sense of helplessness attached to the needs and feelings Causes what I call “pained need”. Pained need derives from the life threatening anxiety caused by the associated helplessness.

What happens when we are damaged in this way, as all are to some degree? The needs and feelings create such threatening anxiety that they are turned into symbols that can be struggled after, thus alleviating the message of helplessness (which can endanger survival seriously).

What cures this damage? Reliving the helpless conditions and unlearning the helplessness. This must be done though with a conscious awareness, that in the present, you are OK.

What is the proper gradual and safe approach to this unlearning? Janovian Primal Therapy.

What helps short of full access to this therapy? Gradual increase in the progressive abilities of thought that challenge the false comforts stemming from such damage. This damage could be called “pained need” or “primal pain”. The awareness of this might be called “primally enlightened”. Information concerning such issues as well as the facts concerning Janovian Primal Therapy can be found here: PrimalTherapy.
Arthur Janov, France Janov, Bruce Wilson,and Peter G. Prontzos are good sources of information concerning all of this. Primal Therapy is Art and France Janov’s website. The Primal Mind is the brilliant commentary on the concepts evolving from the great work of Arthur and France Janov’s work by Peter G. Prontzos and Bruce Wilson.

These things are more than just what should be “common sense”. They are a paradigm shift in how we approach human society and mental/emotional and social health.

What is also important to understand is that this shift involves epigenetics and the methylation of dna cells which affect the progress of disease including cancer.

Step into a new age. Be brave and turn away from greed, superstition, and the need to punish. Turn toward real progress.

How? Well, in the United States, feel the Democratic Blue, and in the primaries Feel the Bern and vote for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primaries a man that has always stood for progress, who marched with Martin Luther King in 1963, who was for progressive action in all its forms whether in domestic or foreign policy, from the very beginning.

Feel the Blue, Feel the Bern.

Think and be free…

David “Mitch” Sotelo


Darkness to Light

Primal Therapy, Arthur Janov, France Janov, Bruce Wilson, Peter G. Prontzos

Destiny sings to us it is the light that lights other lights.

The darkness of the soul is found in the helplessness of the heart, and conquering the darkness is found in feeling the feelings once touched by the poison of such helplessness.

Answering back against our darkness requires that we communicate in empowering ways that allow us to feel what was once impossible due to helplessness. Unlearning our helplessness brings light to our darkness, and when we have removed this plank in our eye we can see that the plank in our own is the same as the splinter in the eye of another. Then we can see clearly to communicate in ways that help to remove many splinters and set hearts free.

It seems to me that what is missing in human communication is the understanding that what is empowering in real ways unlearns helplessness around our real needs. This unlearning in connection to objectivity, empathy and creativity, give us the virtues that will enable the better survival of the human race: Truth, Goodness, and Art.

There is hope for humanity, but the journey is from reliving our needs and feelings connected to helplessness, a journey through our darkness toward the light of human honesty, compassion and creative appreciation of life.

There is no progress without such communication that unlearns our human helplessness, and there is no progressive movement or progressive minds without it.

Our choice is plain to us if our hearts are connected to this process: promote healing over punishment, and real need over greed.

The core of the human problem is a common sickness of helplessness that distorts our communications from peace and creative solutions to war and greed.

We must cry out from our darkness, and change the darkness into light.

There is no healing in violence and no peace in the arms of greed.

Communicate with love, and we will rise from our darkness to a better dawn.

Yet poetic words will not save us, we must understand The Primal Mind.

The guides to our better future are Bruce Wilson and Peter G. Prontzos, disciples of Arthur Janov, and leaders of a primal revolution.

Darkness is defeated by empowering messages, the use of empowering needs meeting perspectives and hope. The prophets of real hope are those that can brave the feelings of helplessness, defeat it, and rise from darkness to the light. They are messengers of real virtue and love. Yet, we cannot depend upon them, they are but the lights that light other lights, and until we light the light within ourselves we can never defeat the darkness of the need for punishment and greed.

Do not look for the hero to come. Look within, you are that one.

David “Mitch” Sotelo


Destiny My Apology

Primal Therapy, Arthur Janov, France Janov, Bruce Wilson, Peter G. Prontzos

Destiny sings to us it is the light that lights other lights.

An Apology to Destiny

Destiny sings to us, it is the light that lights other lights. We sense it, and when we do we should not veer from it, and if we do, we need to let it find us again, and take that first courageous step of faith.

I must apologize for second guessing myself about the virtuous power and destiny I sensed concerning Bernie Sanders from the beginning. So often we have it right and talk ourselves out of what everything inside us is saying, a message forging a voice of destiny, lifting us, singing within us, a song that can move the world. Then we replace it with compromises and weak out of tune soulless analyses.

When everything looks like it is once again moving according to past truisms and acceptance of minor victories, it is time to reach into our hearts and see what virtue is singing, hear the call backs, and follow the rising chorus of human hearts.

Appearances are like the dark before the dawn, but for those whose souls see through the darkness and hear destiny in the deepest silences, they can prepare for the sunrise and work the works that cannot tire.

This election is Bernie Sanders’ to win, and destiny is on his side.

It took the light of three young hearts to bring me back to what my own was saying, back to the sanity before my faith was weakened by not hearing the angelic voices of our common human virtues.

Kevin Numerick who implored me to “listen” to Bernie’s speeches, my son Alex Houghstow, my daughter Amber Houghstow, and two more that were young at heart but feeling the Bern far from me: Peter G. Prontzos and Bruce Wilson.

Long ago I had chosen Robert Reich, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders as the best of choices if they ran for President. I tried as in my religious days to sense the need of our world and I saw Bernie Sanders as if a great light had shown on him. Then I let my calculating mind take me away to what I thought “The United States was ‘ready for'”…

As William Shakespeare wrote: “To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”

I would add: “When a virtuous light rises within you, singing and lifting your soul, let your heart be free to fly. It is then you will find your higher destiny, and in its vision you can never be untrue to yourself.”

David “Mitch” Sotelo


Sorrow and Hope

Primal Therapy, Arthur Janov, France Janov, Bruce Wilson, Peter G. Prontzos

In the sorrow of this world Primal Therapy holds out great hope.

Of Sorrow and Hope

Regarding a person I knew, who was so wounded as a child in life, and grew up and lived his life in Michigan, and who lost his life and his family tragically in ways that tore at the hearts of his children and one dear wife:

What a shame. I believe he could have been saved if our psychological profession and sufficient real research had backed Arthur Janov’s Primal Therapy long ago instead of staggering on into their maze of made up diseases based on groupings of symptoms and ways to stamp them down.

Origins of disease are important to know and understand, and help to make plain as well as what would define a cure. Soon in our future we will see a transformation of direction connected to understandings of the real causes of PTSD and its connection to the methylation of cells. That all said, everyone in Michigan could have done much more to support his sweet wife and her family.

Knowing all of this we can celebrate and cry for the deep goodness in people, all people, no matter how wounded.

Additionally it must be said that the atrocity called the Pine Rest “Christian” mental health system was the only neurotic and sweetly abusive arm of help that very religious Michigan had to offer.

The young man in question here should be celebrated as one who strove against great odds and managed to care as much as he was able.

The hope that remains to us today is to be found in the work of Arthur Janov, and France Janov, too very dear and precious souls, and in the brilliant insights and commentaries of Bruce Wilson the amazing medical science writer, and his friend, the very enlightened and courageous political science professor Peter G. Prontzos.

Consider viewing Primal Therapy and The Primal Mind.

Regarding this world of great sorrow we must not neglect to celebrate each in our own ways the wounded souls who we all are and those wounded ones who brought us into and nourished us as best they could in a very difficult and painful world.

To All with Love,

David “Mitch” Sotelo


Real Values

religious conservative insanity

Real values are natural and don’t depend on edicts of the past.

Is there a liberal sense of strong reliable and sane values? Yes, they are real values that are an innate part of us.

Real Values aren’t values based on blindly following a prescription of simple rules, but upon the natural core values stemming from deep curiosity and what is good in and for humanity. Without this there could be no true social values that support real progress for all, and not just for some. Real values move us to our better selves.

What are these real values? They are common to all. Real values are innate in our human social norms. They are Truth, Goodness, and Art. The creative ability to see and experience things from many perspectives, is how we find Art and artful appreciation of life others and ourselves. The empathetic altruism natural to us, and the use of it, is the basis of Goodness. The objective ability to perceive reality as it is, rather than how we wish it to be, is the basis of Truth. Liberals tend to get this, if not in word then almost always in practice.

A blind following of some cultural tradition or system as the basis of values is not dependable. It is enslaving of the minds and hearts who so blindly follow them. Following such things without reference to innate common human abilities, such as creative (passionate curiosity), empathetic, and objective thinking is morally ignorant. Such blind following of past concepts about values only leads to unfeeling, insensitive, and thoughtless approaches in life.

Forget your conservative morality based on blind faith, I will endorse the living faith of liberals. It is a faith that liberates the best in us and adapts to the times we live in, instead of pushing a cold and cowardly and ignorant clinging to past concepts.

Real values are liberal and we need to support them.

Vote the Blue, Feel the Bern.

This nation belongs to all of us and not just the rich, to concepts that include everyone in a common living set of values, a caring for everyone and not just for a few. Caring that raises humanity toward its greatness and not toward a cowardly fear mongering thoughtlessness which can only end in disaster.

Claim true democratic values, reclaim your country!

David “Mitch” Sotelo


Insanity: Conservative

religious conservative insanity

The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

Some look at this insanity and might say “unbelievable”. This is not at all unbelievable. This is first of all quite common. It is similar in its communication to that of the far right of the Republican Party. The reasons for such a bizarre display are factors which could be easily deduced. These factors are those that limit or impair creative, objective, and empathetic perspectives.

What makes this kind of insanity hard to understand is that lower degrees of insanity are common. Insanity is wide spread. Not noticing it is like not noticing a particular tree for all the trees in the forest. Humanity often lives in and even promotes insanely irrational views.

Insanity in its extremes of course is so dysfunctional that its influence in some people causes them not to fit within society. However, insanity that fits is ignored.

Funny, or not so funny, is that insanity sometimes brings about what might be seen as beneficial. Insanity in this form is often praised.

What we don’t like to see is that people can function and still be insane. By insanity I mean “not having an objective compass in life”.

Religion and religious politics, secular or otherwise, are often stark raving mad. This madness or insanity though is now often given “equal time” in the media. It’s as if it were a perfectly acceptable expression of opinion.

You might say that all conservatives are not clinically insane of course. However, the lack of a feeling connection to objective, empathetic, and creative perspectives is a common trait among conservatives. This lack is a measure of insanity.

Conservatives are often very religious. It might be noted that even bizarre religious statements aren’t that bizarre if you take a good look at religion. Religion is by nature antagonistic to the perspectives which I have mentioned.

Conservatives take religion very seriously, liberals by and large do not, and true progressives even less so.

Conservatives claim to have a lock on morality and this is patently irrational. The opposite is more likely to be true. The serious religious approach works against perspectives that are creative, objective and empathetic. Thus it also works against the virtues derived from these perspectives. It is also insane to lack a feeling connection to these perspectives that evolved to meet real human need. Thus conservatives are less moral and less sane than those with greater feeling connection to these perspectives.

It is important to have a truly creative appreciation of life (Art). It is best to have an objective sense of what is a fact or not (Truth). It is also important to have the ability to empathize with others (Goodness). Many conservative views lack these virtues. When we lack the virtues of Art, Truth, and Goodness, we lack the core of what is truly moral. It must be said plainly that lacking such virtues is a sign of insanity and true immorality.

Being sane requires that we have the ability to be creative, objective, and empathetic. These are the core of our virtues. The cause of insanity is a disconnect between our motivational feelings and our core virtues. This is due to what I call “pained need”.

This pained need is caused by helplessness associated with needs and feelings. Pained needs unresolved mean that we lack the ability to relate to them. This causes a disconnect between ourselves and reality. How? Well, when we cannot know our real needs and seek symbols of those needs we have to avoid real ways to recognize and meet needs. This is insane.

What happens when our needs become painful is that we then search for symbols of need instead of real needs. We seek for symbolic need in order to not feel panicked.

Creativity, objectivity, and empathy, cause the anxiety relieving symbolic needs to fail. This means that such ways of meeting real needs become themselves painful. Conservatives tend to lack these abilities more so than liberals. The lack of the ability to use these perspectives or approaches to need is insane. The degree of this lack is the degree of the insanity.

Pained need is associated with deprivations and traumas in which there was a feeling of helplessness. It is created by original needs being too associated with helplessness and the resultant anxiety it causes.

Helplessness drives up anxiety to levels that cannot be tolerated. Such anxiety must be repressed by turning the original needs into generalized and symbolized forms. This allows a person to replace a feeling of helplessness with a symbolic struggle.

The symbolic struggle allows the replacement of the feeling of helplessness. This gives a temporary message that calms. It is a symbolic way to satisfy the original need, even if the need was to deal with the original trauma.

Conservative politics and religion just give this disease a language and an expression. Terrorist activities, or the insane outbursts such as shown in the above video by Uh-Oh Monkey, is basically the same.

Stirring up people like the lady in the video is how Republicans have recently tried to gain votes. She obviously lacks a real connection between her perspectives and her real needs. Thus she will tend to vote against her own needs. By doing this Republicans can keep robbing the middle class and destroying the poor to enrich the greedy.

This is pathetic. This new Republican Party should be ashamed. It’s time to rise up against the Republican Party. Until they find sanity again we should take their inappropriate advice on drugs and “Just say no.” to all their candidates.

Using the insane to promote a cause will back fire every time and the kind of insanity shown by this lady is just one example.

Vote Democratic

Unlearn Your Helplessness: Feel the Blue

For more information about what is actually sane or not try this site: Primal Therapy, or this site: The Primal Mind.

David “Mitch” Sotelo


Thinking that is Religious or Conservative: What’s Wrong?

Religious and Conservative Thinking

The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

What is wrong with religious and conservative thinking?

The theory I find best is my own perhaps. That is, unless you compare it to the theory of Arthur Janov. His theory is very probably more accurate as a neurological concept. My theory is simply that when our needs, and feelings related to them, are felt to be helpless, they are too painfully anxiety provoking to integrate in a fully conscious way.

When this occurs it tends to block creative, objective and altruistic empathy. This is present, to various degrees, in those who are deeply attached to religious and conservative styled thinking.

These needs attached to helplessness, forms what I call “pained need”. Such need becomes symbolized and generalized (distanced and spread out) in symbolic form. When this force allows sufficient or normal function in society, it supplies a symbolic struggle which can lower that overwhelming anxiety. (You might compare this concept to the theory of Arthur Janov.

When you grow up not feeling safe enough or loved enough by your caregivers, for whatever the reason, you might seek to “please” a super powerful deity.

Let’s now compare the impact of this “pained need” on the higher levels of our conscious mind or brain as similar to someone impacting an airbag in a car due to a crash.

The impact of the crash is distanced and spread out by the air bag and you would need a sufficient size of that airbag to handle the impact. This distancing in the brain would be the symbolizing of the need in terms of how distanced the symbol is, and the spreading out is the generalizing.

Let’s say you were traumatized by a cat. You might then be afraid of all cats (generalization or spreading out) and if the impact of the trauma was great enough you might be afraid of cat owners (the distancing or symbolization).

So, helplessness begetting anxiety which is too much to integrate, which is deeper and more unconscious than what is generally meant by fear, is the cause of religious and conservative thinking, IMHO.

Seeing and recognizing the unconscious fear in such people as embrace religious and conservative thinking is, to me, a “spot on” and very insightful observation.

Allow me to say that we can also see an analogy between the size of an airbag and the effective neuronal mass of the brain. This observation might give us yet another clue as to how hominids who survived such impacts gave rise to modern humans. Arthur Janov had said this long ago in fact and I highly agree, and hope my analogy helps to share this insight.

I will leave further explanation to two that might explain this in more accurate or deeper depth: Peter G. Prontzos and Bruce Wilson.
You can learn more at Primal Therapy and at The Primal Mind.

David “Mitch” Sotelo


Conservatives and Liberals

Conservatives and Liberals

The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

Earlier I had posted something from Ted Talks on Face Book, concerning how we must understand conservatives as holding just different and appropriate, or at least useful in various circumstances, forms of our common human “values”. I have thought about it and listened to the video many times.

I first of all do not agree with his concepts of “values” and see them as tendencies that have been sometimes useful to our survival as a species. Why? Because values should be values useful in all circumstances, they should be ways in which we process information and not “rules to live by” or else they are very much lacking in luster.

Secondly what I see in conservatives in relationship to these tendencies is a greater amount of anxiety which would come from deprivations and traumas, that is to say “primal pains” or “pained needs” which give rise to “false comforts”. This was plainly evident in the first minutes of the video where the presenter contends that conservatives are less “comfortable” with being open to new experiences, which is of course also the ability to see things from many perspectives and put them together meaningfully, that is to say: “creativity of perspective”.

He then went on to say as to how liberals see conservative states as “dumbfuckistan” and how this was inherently a wrong perspective. It was a rather intellectual and unfeeling perspective lacking in empathy and some insight, but still, it is clear that as to creative perspective, the rural and southern states seem to be lacking in this quite natural ability, a deficit derived from a lack of stimulation of that ability in their “minds” which is to say their “brains”. (How early this stimulation needs to take place is something of which I am ignorant, but I would say early childhood if I were to guess.)

This is in fact a kind of lamentable retardation of sorts, and even though, as he points out, conservatives also call liberals “stupid” it is more because they can’t handle the anxiety of embracing new experiences, and thus feel it is against survival and therefor “stupid”. It is not… So their claim against the liberals holds more anxiety than meaning. They can fix their kind of lamentable inability with the courage it takes to face their anxieties thus freeing their minds to be “smarter” in this creative sense, which is far more likely to help the human race survive than cowering and clinging to the past as a baby does with it’s favorite blanket.

Creativity, the ability to embrace new experiences, when coupled with objective analysis which liberals almost always do, it not in any way something to be feared, and those well grounded in their ability to be objective in the first place have no problems with creative thought and its ability to give us the power to embrace and enjoy change. furthermore, to excuse the conservative mind from being seen as less thoughtful, by saying that tribalism is a “virtue” neglects the fact that a greater degree of intelligent thoughtfulness and creativity of perspective allows us to see the whole race as a “tribe” and to work on making it so.

Plus, after all, when you consider that the terms “liberal” and “conservative” do not fit any individual perfectly, we being a blend of such abilities and inabilities of various sorts, it is evident that we should strive to improve communication by eliminating unnecessary anxieties and addressing real issues that affect the whole human “tribe” and the health of our earthly home. (Two things that those who tend to embrace the term “conservative” seem lacking in.) Now, to the presenter’s credit, he did mention that we leave any blinders of embracing such terms. However, the term liberal shouldn’t be something to abandon as it promotes the best and truest “values” for the human race.

Period, exclamation point.

Healing the mind of such “inabilities” can be well addressed by two sites: The Primal Mind and Primal Therapy.

Sincerely Yours,

The ever less than perfect, but liberal embracing,

David “Mitch” Sotelo