Police Harshness in McKinney Texas

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

In regard to the harsh police action that occured at a pool party in McKinney Texas and how the situation was handled, I have a few things I’d like to say.

There is a deeper issue here as well. The closing down and lack of investment in public resources and the privatizing of them has taken away some children’s rights to them. This privatization is a kind of separate but equal that our country can do without.

Furthermore there was a total lack of self control, self awareness, and empathy displayed by the offending officer in this case, and I am betting this lack of emotional intelligence on his part came from his own treatment as a child. Sans the gun and he probably acted as his own father figure acted toward him as a child growing up. Those lacking in such emotional intelligence as I have here mentioned don’t know they lack it, they need to be taught it.

Corporal punishment of children yields bad cops with low emotional intelligence, and the lack of educating kids in schools about what emotional intelligence is and how to develop it is a grave error. I might point out that I have endorsed emotional intelligence classed tailored for all grade levels in our schools, colleges, training of public servants, and prisons, for years now. This endorsement needs to appear in our political platforms, and all parties need to see to this goal for our society.

There is also a deeper application of emotional intelligence training that I have developed which I call optimistic integration. This “integration” is about linking our bodily and emotional awareness to our higher reflective abilities to care, in dialogs within the mind (self talk) and within society. These dialogs can be enhanced by certain non language and pre verbal techniques, which can be used along with the self help and assisted self talk dialogs to benefit those suffering with PTSD, and other symptoms of trauma and deprivation.

Society, world society, needs to get with this program, it is the foundation of truly progressive approaches in society. We can’t get to real progress without healthy progressive minds, organizing internationally and acting locally as needed.

Prevention of traumas deprivations experienced in the womb and at birth, and better child care are the true family values of our time and the core of much that needs to be done for a better world to come to be. Three great writers have addressed this: Bruce Wilson​, Peter G. Prontzos​, and Arthur Janov​. There are others as well of course, but these three have made great contributions in trying to make our societies aware of these needed changes.

David Sotelo​ what say you? Emotional intelligence classes in our schools is a good idea? Making sure every child has a healthy start in life should be the goal of all progressives?

Mike Rawlins​, Michael Handley​, Deborah Angell Smith​, Sajeel Khaleel​ and Medrick Yhap​, is the Democratic Party enlightened and progressive on these issues? I would say that it is, and I would say that anyone in any other party or no party at all needs to support any candidate that stands for emotionally healthy well educated and truly civic minded approaches to all the above issues in any country in any land in the world….

It’s not a time for silence, what I whispered here to a few should be shouted from the roof tops of every city town and village, and passed along in social media until no one can go online and not see something about what we desperately need to do for our kids and our world.

Progressives Unite! Unite with hearts and minds and communications that care and build trust…

David “Mitch” Sotelo