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It’s time to believe again, in an America for everyone.


Poems by David “Mitch” Sotelo 


Wisdom’s Journey

Laugh through the tears and cry through the laughter and remember that only you can know your heart best. Ultimately your greatest teacher and best friend is yourself.

Take the journey that is truly your own, into the universe that is your mind. Don’t miss the wonder that you are…

David “Mitch” Sotelo

Primal Humanity

When I feel the earth again beneath my feet, I am humble in an awesome exciting world of wonder. Content to be me, I can feel then for others. What brings me down only has power when I feel helpless to experience it. Feeling brings the deeper breath of life to me, as if I had been barely breathing and living before.

Free of being controlled by punishing and worshiping views and actions, all the earth seems more friendly. Free of hatefulness, and shallow thought, feeling the truth of me allows my mind to fly with wings of wonder.

There is one great teacher in the world and it is honest feeling, one great challenge: to conquer our helplessness.

I would that the world will listen to itself in time, for it is not politics or other humans that are the enemy of humankind, it is the lack of feeling and the love that allows it, and the help that heals it.

I see farther because I feel more deeply, I see more deeply because I challenge the painful helplessness around my needs and feelings. With the courage to face who I am I rise to educate my too often inhuman mind.

We are our salvation if we look courageously within, and within, we are all friends. But to find our friendship we must look courageously within, feel our helplessness, and rise with wings of honesty lifted by the updraft of a simple thing called love.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

I Am Awakening

I see myself on the shore of a vast ocean of humanity, feeling as small as grain of sand, and deep within me I long to reach that point in each of us, that is all of us. There in that place I am called to dance and to embrace, and to see a friend in all.

Perhaps I have not had the pleasure to meet you, and perhaps I have seen you with my natural eyes. Yet in my heart I see you shining, I feel the warmth of your humanity. And I smile knowing that this shining light comes from the wonder that is you.

This drama of life may cause us conflict from time to time, but the gifts of your unique mind, and the light of your spirit have spoken to me, ancient ever fresh and glowing.

Whoever you are, where ever you are, I wish you well, and blessings for all that lifts you.

Together We Are Awakening

David “Mitch” Sotelo

Humanity Rising

The trampled voices soar and sing.

From the ashes of darkness and lies the truth rises like a blazing sun.

High above the reach of oppression,

and sinking into the heart of humanity with power that cannot be defeated,

history builds virtue,

and the heavens weep for joy.

A sweet rain like a baptism of love,

and tears that clean the heart and soul,

bless the earth with new hope.

Humanity looks to the stars finding humility.

The stars beckon and smile, glory shining in fleeting time.

Humanity Rising

David “Mitch” Sotelo

Hearing the Music

There is a music that weaves through all human conflicts, that teaches us how to harmonize, to bend our time into victories.

When I am out of harmony I feel it, and I know I am not in touch with the music of my time. Then is when I must pause in singing my personal song, and listen.

We must play our part in the music of life, and only that, taking time to hear as it soars above us and beyond us, and lifts us to our better destiny.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

Human Hearts Chattering

There is a place in the deepest heart that brings everything together in a music with many songs. In that place there is no importance and there is no guide, and heaven touches the earth with compassion. There life begins where stardust falls, and the meek inherit not the earth, but freedom, and the universe, humbled, bends to listen in awe.

Human hearts chattering.

David “Mitch” Sotelo


Calling Out Disguised Evil

The foul fumes of a looming and eminent hell, in which our great nation can and may be cast, is being couched in the flowery and snake like lies and misdirection of a reprobate, anti democratic and un-American Republican Party, that would make Abraham Lincoln cry and even Teddy Roosevelt blush with shame.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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