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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

Past generations gave us treasures and were mortal, but also gave birth to future wonders, and treasures for those coming behind us.

However, I often wonder about how we worship and treasure the past. Does it keep us from advancing into greater visions? Can it be the beginning of a vision so great it could not be fully conceived in the past? Does it keep us from advancing into greater visions? Can it be the beginning of a vision so great it could not be fully conceived in the past? Can we treasure but let go?

It might be time that we stopped thinking about the great achievements and people of the past and start building on their legacies, and become as great to our future generations as our forefathers were to us, not worshiping them but trying to be as full of life and virtue as they were, and fuller of life and more virtuous wherever possible.

My father and mother were humble and caring in their ways, but they, like all their generation, also stood in the way of progress they didn’t understand. My father looked at all the religions concerned with just the Bible and made a logical decision within the bounds of his fundamentalist values, but he inspired me to search farther into all the religions I could learn from, and I as we battled over my leaving his religion, he and I both became a bit more enlightened. I hope I can also learn from my children, so that both our generations might be all they can be.

The loss of my mother was my greatest blow, the loss of my father came afterwards, I will always cherish the love they gave, and strive to be more loving myself toward my own children, not shy away from knowing their flaws or my own, and set my vision higher than I have been privileged so far to see, and perhaps higher than they could have known. Their song on earth has finished and now I can see the beauty of their songs and hear them in my heart, while the song of the universe and the hearts of others still with us call me up to a grander vision, a grander vision that may demand that I see what I do not want to see.

I loved my parents and cherish their memory, but I know that in their more enlightened hearts they would not want me to worship the past but to move on into a brave new future.

The truly virtuous person strives to deal with the terror of being mortal, using the wonder and joy of the only song they can sing, a song of their own life, a song full of faith, hope and love, wondrous because it is priceless, priceless because it is mortal, eternal because, being loving, it was shared.

Let us all become the next “greatest generation”.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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