Optimistic Intelligence: An understanding with a clear political conclusion

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Optimistic intelligence is born of optimistic integration which isn’t just the integration of hope into our lives but the confidence of experienced love. We can discover and cultivate this kind of optimism by communicating in ways that are loving and that open ourselves to love. This is what I call a communication between complimentary forms of love and trust, which grows both love and trust into something I call the love of life.which is again fed by whatever degree of optimistic intelligence lives within us and around us.

Love and trust are also about comfort, not the shallow kind of comfort, the saccharine comfort that would limit us to “positive thinking”, but the kind of comfort that goes past numbing or repressing suffering to the real pain behind it: need identified with helplessness.

Now the opposite of helplessness in this context is healthy optimism which is in reality an optimism that is pervaded with a natural intelligence, an intelligence that is a connection between loving perspectives, or those perspectives that meet needs, and perspectives of trust, or those that open us to the reception and integration of those perspectives that meet needs. Meeting needs is loving, feeling loved is trust. Real love is not at its core either soothing or tough, it is efficient, and it works against helplessness. Real love is optimistically intelligent. It isn’t either positive or negative, real love is comfortable with both, and real love is avoided by being either constantly positive or constantly negative.

Optimistic intelligence can achieve intelligent forms of comfort, a kind of comfort that in confronting helplessness in gradual ways helps us to grieve and let go of needs that are now past. This comfort helps us to better rejoice over needs being met currently, and seeing how our needs are being met, helps us to plan and have confidence that our needs will be sufficiently met in the future. Optimistic intelligence helps us to let go with a love that comforts well, enjoy the love we have, and peacefully think and plan for a better future.

Optimistically intelligent love comes from three general categories of perspective: empathetic, creative, and objective. Empathy is intelligent comfort which feels loving, creativity is intelligent enjoyment which feels joyful, and objectivity is intelligent understanding and planning, which leads to a feeling of peace or a lack of anxiety concerning the future. Such love yields lower amounts of anxiety concerning the past, present and future. Optimistic intelligence yields a greater sense of love, joy and peace in our lives.

Communicating in optimistically intelligent ways means to communicate in empathetic, creative, and objective ways. Empathy can share the pain of helplessness so we feel less helpless and can accept our losses, creativity is the ability to see things from many perspectives and so allows us to appreciate our lives with the wisdom that gives birth to art, and objectivity helps us to understand and to plan so that our sense of the future is more hopeful. So the optimistically intelligent person is better able to let go, enjoy, and plan for the future.

Communicating optimistically also leads to three virtues which are derived from empathy, creativity, and objectivity. They are goodness, derived from empathy, truth derived from objectivity, and art (the wisdom that appreciates life) derived from creativity (the use of many perspectives to find a greater sense of the inherent beauty in life).

Progressives tend to think in more optimistically intelligent ways, conservatives tend to cling anxiously to a past that never really existed, a sugar coated appreciation that is more symbolic than real. They cling to symbolic things like the flag of their country, rather than what it should stand for, and are fearful of change, fearful of seeing the realities of the past, and fearful of even truly enjoying the present because of being so very repressed (Conservatives live in the constant dread that someone somewhere is having a good time, just to have a good time.)

Progressive communication is optimistically intelligent communication, it is virtuous communication, it is efficient communication, it is a joyous communication that sings to life and opens to the living song of life all around them.

The modern Democratic Party here in the U.S.A., or the more democratic party in any country, is far more progressive the more conservative party in any country.



Brother David “Mitch” Sotelo

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