Optimistic Integration

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

How do you increase your optimistic intelligence? Well, you need to integrate optimism into your life, and the opposite to such optimism is a sense of helplessness regarding basic abilities to care and to express needs and feelings. So when we practice caring for ourselves and others using basic ways to meet needs such as objectivity, creativity, and empathy, and try to honestly express feelings and needs, we unlearn helplessness and integrate optimism. This is the process of optimistic integration.

This same process can be used to help undo the effects of trauma, deprivations, and even post traumatic stress disorder. This occurs when key moments or experiences of extreme helpless open up to be relived. This reliving is a way in which learned helplessness can be unlearned, and the true message of the original feelings and needs can be experienced and felt and be transformed into a sense of loss which can then be grieved. This process should be gentle and not rushed. It is a process that is all about comfort.

When under the influence of enough learned helplessness feelings and needs associated become symbolic and generalized so as to diminish the anxiety and panic around needs and feelings once too painful to feel. This sets up a struggle for symbolic power, and symbolic need and feeling, which is a condition that lends itself to prejudice, and greed, and many other afflictions, some of them physical, and over reactions and under reactions to adverse conditions is often present.

Optimistic integration is an example of the communication age entering into our deeper selves, motivations, and even physical health. Communication in a broad sense is what either goes right or wrong within ourselves and between ourselves, and good communication that meets real human needs is revolutionary. Such a revolution connects us to our emotional and physical selves on deep levels, and helps to integrate society and the world in peaceful ways, ways that are truly progressive.

Optimistic integration in very simple terms is the better communication between perspectives used to love, and honest emotional trust and sharing. It can heal individuals and societies and it is all about loving integration, meeting needs and fixing problems, quite the opposite of greedy symbolic struggles for power and punishing attitudes. It also tends not to create waste, especially the waste of people and the gifts and talents.

In short, optimistic integration is love, and “all you need is love, love is all you need”, just as the Beetles sang long ago.

David “Mitch” Sotelo


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