A New Age and the Time to Walk Alone

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

We are moving into an age where science reaches into our souls, a time when we move beyond religion to bravely embrace the wonder of the world, and often alone.

I am always and mostly alone, as we all are, and we must never abandon our alone status to mindless symbolic group cohesion. Regardless of talents we must not enable those whose major goal is to have authority or power over others, this undemocratic spirit will poison any group or organization. Yet if people will not look within their own minds and experience their own imaginations in feeling ways that go deep within them and call on their courage, inferior leadership will be inevitable.
Some cry peace and urge us to “get along” but there can be no surrender to those in any Party or group to people that would lead and who are out of touch with their own feeling souls, actors on the stage of life seeking power because of unconscious anxieties within themselves.
It is with deep regret that I say this, but my own ability to get out a pure message cannot be found in any organization that doesn’t see these things, such are only a shallow shadow relationship to me. I will not allow myself to be constrained by those who do not meet the qualifications I demand in leadership.
When in the past some pulled away from the Party in Collin County withdrawing their funds and demanding change, I agreed with them. Yet now I see the same poison creeping in and authority being given to people who should not have it.
I will also now retreat as they did from what I see as a growing problem, a poisonous symbolic power seeking attitude that will not bode well for the future. I now declare myself a lone agent of change and influence, even though my votes will largely be the same.
All kinds of programs now demand or ask for more and more personal information from each of us, and this needs to stop. Why? Because the societies of humanity are not mature enough to handle such a burden with real virtue and understanding.
The first step I will take is to join the SDA, the next may be more drastic. The poison of the middle class workers is backward religion that holds us back from real knowledge and needed new technologies. That plague must be target number one. Those with the idea to lead using religion must be avoided. Those who play with organizations to gain personal power must not be tolerated. Both of these types are worshipers of symbolic comforts which inevitably conflict with other forms. The violence between them will render them each incapacitated in the ability to offer real leadership. This is what I am seeing in our dysfunctional congress, and those more progressive cannot by their nature ally in the end with either camp.
The age of symbol worshipers hanging on to irrational imaginary comforts is coming to an end, not always peacefully as we see in the middle east. The mutual destruction of such groups is the beginning opening for a new and better more scientific age: The age of the progressive.
Sometimes we must walk alone and scale our cooperation according to what is practical while finding better ways to accomplish a true progressive society. Wanting more and more power will be stopped in time by a naturally occurring balance of powers, which none the less people will see as having been “fought” or “struggled for”.
Symbol worshipers, symbolists, use social contacts and manipulations of the strings of power to place themselves into greater authority, while healthy progressives use the saner approach of empowering selflessly those around them. Learn to know the difference or suffer the inevitable consequences.
I will no longer support directly those I see that do not measure up to real and healthy progressive leadership qualities, nor will I seek change by dancing about and yelling at the powers that be, I will study how to dethrone them or change them. Those technologies already exist and will find their place in high places because they also lengthen life spans, especially if applied early in life.
Science and education is the beginning, but as science turns its gazed to the stars and the atoms, it will now importantly turn its gaze to affective feeling reality within each of us, and those of us understanding this will turn within, not in some symbolic religious way, but in a courageous deep feeling way.
I have discussed the need for levels of intelligence that reach deeper and deeper within our emotional and physical selves. Emotional Intelligence is the beginning. Optimistic Intelligence is next and deeper, and Helplessness Intelligence, which connects to the deepest repressed pained needs and sets us free from their influence, that is next.
I rejoice in proper cooperation, but when confronted with false leadership that struggles for personal symbolic power, I rejoice in my aloneness and am free.
“When you can’t find proper leadership or companionship, walk alone.”
I am at peace as I say all this, I am at peace and am free.
David “Mitch” Sotelo

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