We Need a New Progressive Democratic Approach

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

Call to arms, and calls to social justice haven’t had much of an effect on politics in Texas for the last several decades. We don’t need any more well wishing and compromising with those who half share progressive values, and declarations of Democratic family are about as hollow as declarations of being a family with Republicans, or at the extreme, leaders of enemy states.
We need advances in the use of our modern technologies to be embraced, and we need to learn that the controlled two party system will never break out of it’s culturally mired insanity, superstition, and hatefulness, without extreme outside agitation that is organized and informed in its tactics.
Meanwhile many advances in science in terms of our health especially mental health are being ignored by the somewhat ill informed masses, who desperately need to be educated concerning real science and better social policies.
Some of the changes we need to make are within ourselves. We need to understand that the direction of scientific research is reaching even within our emotional selves. Messages of reframing of what we say is only a temporary fix, if even that, just like the 2008 elections.
There is a growing fight between the superstition in many religiously held beliefs and real science and the gaps that religion likes to fill are growing less and less. It may be more important to push better approaches to our physio-emotional health as advocated by Arthur Janov, and Jaak Pranksepp.
The findings and associated findings in science of these two men may even extend life spans and greatly reduce our health care costs and the rate of incarceration in our society. It may easily be more important to promote their new discoveries and directions of understanding to everyone, rich and poor alike, than to support any platform of any particular party which tend to lag behind the constant new discoveries in science.
These findings of these two men and others in the field of neuroscience are helpful in ways that don’t involve any conflicts within society other than the fading support of superstitious and outdated beliefs about our world, our environment, our nation, or ourselves.
Furthermore, the constant declaration that we must tolerate and compromise with the unscientific tendencies and beliefs of modern conservatives, and neo-liberals, and the paranoid left and right, is plainly an ignorant waste of time and resources.
The word groups of today kids are “science”, “advanced technologies”, and “increased education”, which can handily be approached with generous donations to Public Broadcasting here in the United States and research and development institutions.
Want to make a good start? Tell the Democratic Party structure that we don’t need them to lead anymore, we need them to get out of the way and facilitate the diverse voices within it.
You can also make a donation to Public Broadcasting here: http://www.kera.org/donate/
Have a good day, and…
Let’s support those things that benefit us all and help the Democratic Party in our reasonable diversities, not as a way to support everyone’s opinions, but as a way to support some platform, but as a way to support our own concerns.
Let’s Get This Done
David “Mitch” Sotelo

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